Paul Stanley Appreciates Gene Simmons Overcoming His Biggest Fear For Him

During a recent appearance on the Howard Stern Show, while the KISS members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons were talking about their lifelong friendship, Stanley recalled one of their memories, when Simmons took a risky flight to go to see him after his surgery, although the bassist had a great fear of flying.

Stanley and Simmons had also discussed their relationship in a number of interviews before. In one of them, Stanley revealed that there had always been a ‘brotherly competition‘ between them. There were also times when they didn’t get along with each other. However, they both matured over the years and managed to handle each other and keep their friendship stable.

In the pair’s recent interview together, Paul said they felt blessed to have this kind of solid relationship, but it took some time to get there. They’ve experienced ups and downs over the years, and they haven’t always agreed with each other. Then, Stanley recalled the time when he had to undergo several surgeries to reconstruct his ear.

It was such a painful period for the singer, yet luckily, he had his loyal bandmate to support him. As Paul remembered, Simmons took a trip to Dartmouth to see him following his difficult surgery. Then, the bassist stepped into the conversation and recalled that he took it, although it was a risky flight. Simmons also revealed that he tried to overcome his fear of flying to be there for his friend.

Here is how Paul Stanley recalled Simmons’ flight to see him:

“We’re blessed, but we didn’t get here overnight, and it took a lot of pitfalls and a lot of problems and issues over time. Gene and I haven’t always seen eye to eye. The great story was I had five surgeries to reconstruct my ear. They took a rib cartilage, and over a period of time, they reconstructed an outer ear, so it’s cosmetically fairly good after the first surgery, which was incredibly painful.

You know, what it’s like when a doctor says, ‘Well, you’re going to be a little sore,’ and you wake up and you can’t breathe. So, you can’t even hit them. Gene flew up to Dartmouth, New Hampshire, to come to see me, which was….”

Gene Simmons added:

“In a plane that had a gerbil on a rubber band, and I hate flying. I have nightmares, no matter what the logic is. You’re struck by lightning more often, blah blah blah….”

So, Simmons took a frightening trip to be with his bandmate during his difficult time, which certainly strengthened the bond between the two. It seems like his friend’s support was very important to Stanley, as the singer recalls it after so many years.