Paul Stanley And Gene Simmons Discuss Their Competition, ‘Paul Hated Me’

KISS legends Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons recently joined an interview with 60 Minutes Australia and reflected on their long-term relationship. Stanley said there has been, of course, a ‘brotherly competition’ between them.

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have known each other for at least five decades. Their acquaintance traces back to the period before KISS. The duo first formed a band named Wicked Lester and recorded one album. Yet, they left Wicked Lester since they felt the need for a new musical direction in their career. When Peter Criss and Ace Frehley joined the two, KISS’ classic lineup was complete.

Simmons and Stanley have had very successful times in their KISS career together. Their dazzling costumes, makeup, and the personas they created have become the most iconic elements of the band. Although the band has had several lineup changes, Stanley and Simmons have stayed as the only consistent members over the years.

During their recent appearance, the duo reflected on how they’ve made it work for all these years. Paul Stanley explained that time has been significant in this respect. The singer was honest and said that there has always been a ‘brotherly competition‘ between them, and there were also times that he wanted to smack Simmons. Stanley said Gene Simmons matured over the years. Despite everything, they managed to handle each other and keep their relationship stable.

When asked how they make their relationship work, Paul Stanley replied:

“I really think that time is really the foundation. Let’s not kid ourselves; there has been brotherly competition and times I wanted to smack him in the head. I’m not easy to put up with.”

Then, Gene Simmons intervened:

“I am.”

Stanley responded:

“He is delusional.”

Then, Simmons continued:

“On day one, when I met Paul and he hated me. Arrogant, ego central, all that’s true, of course.”

The interviewer asked the two:

“Has anything changed?”

Stanley said:

Gene’s mellowed. He has become more quirky. He is kind of your crazy uncle.”

You can watch the rest of the conversation below.