Journey’s Neal Schon Dismisses Jonathan Cain’s Claims As ‘Lies’

There have been several legal battles between Journey‘s Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon, so the latest legal dispute between the former bandmates wasn’t that shocking. Schon recently sued Cain for setting up the AmEx card without telling him and never informing him about their finances regarding Journey.

Schon commented on an article that shared Cain’s reaction to his claims on Facebook, and he also shared this comment on Twitter with his fans to further explain where he was coming from with suing his former bandmate.

“All I want to see is our records,” said Schon, simply putting his intentions behind taking legal action. “Cain is lying as I do not have full access, as he states. I’m now a 50% owner. I’m the founder, president, and secretary-manager of Nomota LLC, which we started in 1998, and I have every right to see what’s going on there. Amex, on a recorded line on both sides, told me Jon would not give me access to the account of all credit cards that have been used. They told me I only had limited access.”

He continued, “Really don’t understand why he would think I can’t see what’s gone on going all the way back to 1998. Hand over the records. It’s my legal right to see what our corporate band card for Nomota has been used for over two decades. There have been many ex-employees that had used this card. Transparency is all I’m asking for. Is that too much to be asking of a 50/50 partner? There’s no skating around this.”

The two musicians who had previously set up a company called Nomota to operate Journey each have %50 percent of their rights over it. Even though Schon should be able to get full access as the company’s co-founder, he believes the account that goes back to 1998 is being controlled by Cain, who isn’t willing to be fully transparent over the finances. A preliminary hearing for the case is scheduled for March 3, 2023, hopefully bringing more light to the matter.