Neal Schon Is Involved In Another Dispute With Journey’s Jonathan Cain

Following Steve Perry’s petition against Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain, things have never been the same for Journey. This legal battle resulted in a long-lasting feud between the two sides, and now Schon has come face to face with Jonathan Cain due to yet-another legal dispute.

Cain and Schon stood by each other’s side when they fired and sued Ross Valory and Steve Smith for trying to take over the band’s mark. Two years later, Steve Perry, who supported Valory and Smith in the past legal war, sued the two over copyright claims of several Journey songs, such as ‘Separate Ways,’ ‘Anyway You Want It,’ ‘Open Arms,’ and ‘Wheel in the Sky.’

Besides the neverending battle between Perry and Schon, a new legal issue has arisen between the guitarist and Jonathan Cain. Schon recently sued Cain for setting up the AmEx card without telling him and never informing him about their finances. The two had previously set up a company called Nomota to operate Journey, and they have %50 percent of rights over Nomota.

“As a member and manager and founder and leader of Journey, Schon has the right to access and control Nomota’s books and records,” the legal papers said. “Schon must have unfettered access to Nomota’s records so he can oversee and manage Nomota/Journey.”

The lawsuit alleged, “Nomota’s records also contain financial information necessary for Schon and his representatives to determine the proportion of Journey’s profits that he’s entitled to as the founder and president of Journey. Schon’s right to Journey’s profits is being controlled by Cain, and despite all of his requests and efforts, Schon has been unable to get full access.

“Among other things,” the suit continued, “The American Express account of Nomota has been set up such that only Cain has control of the account and access to its records. On information and belief, millions in Journey funds have flowed through this AMEX account.”

In previous statements, Schon had accused Perry of jealousy and declared he wouldn’t let him profit off his work with Journey. Following this news, the band’s fanbase lost hope for a Journey reunion with Perry since Schon closed the doors for the frontman. Apparently, the guitarist is a force to be reckoned with, and it looks like the issues within Journey won’t get resolved soon.