John 5 Says He Used Dave Mustaine Instead Of James Brown In His New Solo Album ‘Sinner’

Guitarist John 5 recently gave an interview to Guitar World in which he revealed using Dave Mustaine’s vocals instead of James Brown’s in his brand new solo record ‘Sinner.’

John 5 is a talented guitarist who got his stage name back in 1998 when he joined Marilyn Manson as the band’s guitarist. Currently, he still goes by the name John 5 and works for Rob Zombie as their guitarist. Apart from contributing to other artists’ work and playing with Zombie, John 5 also makes music efforts as a solo artist.

John 5 has recorded ten guitar albums throughout his solo career and has written and recorded with various artists. On October 29, 2021, the guitarist released his tenth solo album titled ‘Sinner.’ Some of the most appreciated songs from the ten-tracks album are ‘Welcome To The Island,’ ‘Euphoria,’ ‘How High The Moon,’ and ‘Que Pasa.’

In the interview with Guitar World, John 5 revealed an interesting fact about the song ‘Que Pasa,’ which featured Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine’s vocals in the chorus as a living sample. He stated that he actually wanted to use a James Brown sample, saying ‘Can’t pass the people, can’t pass the-!” in the chorus.

John 5 thought about using Dave Mustaine’s vocals as they couldn’t use James Brown’s. He then said he is a huge Megadeth fan, and he felt so happy when Mustaine agreed to do it. Moreover, the guitarist stated the song sounds so much better with Mustaine’s vocals, and he is honored the Megadeth frontman did that.

During the interview with Guitar World, John 5 said about the sample he used in ‘Que Pasa’ the following:

“That was a James Brown sample, saying ‘Can’t pass the people, can’t pass the—!’ It was such a cool James Brown thing – but we couldn’t use James Brown. I was like, ‘It would be rad if we could use Dave Mustaine.’ I’m a huge Megadeth fan and I know Dave’s assistant, who played him the track – and he liked it.

I was so happy he agreed to do it because he sounds amazing. It sounds so much better than the original we had, so I’m just honored he did that. It’s so cool because Dave was just Dave. He listened to it once and just did his Mustaine. That’s what I loved about it – you can hear that growl and everything.”

You can listen to ‘Que Pasa’ below.