Chad Kroeger Explains Why Hate Against Nickelback Stopped

Chad Kroeger recently talked with Aimee + Shawn and the frontman came bearing news, and shared that the days of hate against Nickelback are a thing of the past. Chad expressed:

“I’m happy to say that the hate train’s over. It’s for whatever reason TikTok or something like that just like made it not cool to hate on the band anymore, and then like even these hardcore metal dudes on their podcast shows, they’re like, ‘All right, we might have been a little hard on Nickelback back in the day.”

When Aimee brought up that the hate and online talk has made the band more famous, Chad replied:

“One million percent, one million percent, yep. They didn’t even realize that the more smack talk that was going on, I’m like, ‘You know that you’re just keeping us in the headlines, right?’ Absolutely felt like Obi-Wan [Kenobi, Star Wars.]”

There were several reasons that stood out regarding the hatred Nickelback received over the years. The most common reason most people hated the band so much was because they leaned more commercial and didn’t bring anything new to the genre.

In addition to not being innovative and using the same formula to sell records, the band has also been criticized by women’s rights activists and other organizations for having sexist, violent, and abusive remarks against women.

Not to mention when they sold their ‘Rockstar’ song to a furniture company that made fans think they didn’t respect the music they created. However, from the comments Chad made during his recent interview with Aimee + Shawn, it seems that this hatred towards Nickelback has come to an end thanks to TikTok.

You can watch Chad Kroeger’s interview with Aimee + Shawn below.