Why Do People Hate Chad Kroeger Of Nickelback

Nickelback had achieved great commercial success and international popularity with the help of its hit songs and albums. The band sold more than fifty million records and hit the charts worldwide with their popular songs such as ‘How You Remind Me,’ ‘Photograph,’ and ‘Rockstar.’ Nickelback was also named the most successful rock band of the decade in 2009.

Even though Nickelback members gained great fortune from their radio-friendly records, the band lost its popularity and fanbase with time. Therefore, the haters of Nickelback and lead singer Chad Kroeger started to act like a cult, dedicated to criticizing and mocking them harshly. However, according to the haters, they had many solid reasons to do that.

The Reason Behind The Hatred Against Nickelback And Frontman Chad Kroeger

The most common reason behind the hatred against Nickelback and especially Chad Kroeger is that they keep using the same formula repeatedly to sell their records. Most of the songs’ sounds and lyrics are so similar that they couldn’t tell which one they were playing during their performances.

In addition, Nickelback’s song lyrics, which consisted of sexist, violent, and abusive acts toward women, have been targeted by women’s rights activists and different organizations. Also, the band sold their hit song ‘Rockstar’ to a furniture company, which drove the rock music fans crazy since it was regarded as Nickelback and Kroeger’s lack of respect towards the music.

Consequently, it can be said that many rock and metal bands have been using the same formulas for a very long time, but Nickelback draws more attention and gets harsh reactions because hating them has turned into an internet meme. As for the band’s frontman, Chad Kroeger lost his charm as a rockstar and had to face all those criticisms and backlashes by himself.