‘Home Alone’ Actor Admits He Once Called Cops On ‘Pretentious’ Bono

Daniel Stern, famous for playing Marv in ‘Home Alone,’ has been in a feud with U2 frontman Bono. In his book ‘Home and Alone,’ he talked about his journey into acting and recalled the Bono accident.

Apparently, Stern called the cops on him after Bono threw a noisy late-night party that went on until the early hours. Stern confronted Bono about the loud music, and called him and his friends ‘pretentious a**holes’ for the noise. He explained:

“It turned out he had rented the house to Bono, who was having a birthday party for his daughter. I called the police and told them that there was an unlawful party going on and that I was going over there to shut it down and I hoped they would join me. I hopped in my truck, and headed in… I lost it. I started ranting, ‘Shut the f*cking music off’. Families with children are trying to sleep and instead we all have to listen to this s**tty music all night long? Shut it off! You don’t even live here, you f*cking pretentious a**holes.”

What Happened At The Party?

The party happened at Bono’s house in the posh neighborhood of Malibu, California. Stern’s frustration over Bono’s loud late-night party started the conflict. The actor couldn’t tolerate the noise and eventually called the police. The local police stepped in and put an end to Bono’s birthday bash.

Bono hasn’t made any public statements about the incident.