Korn Producer Details Jonathan Davis’ Struggle To Sing ‘Daddy’

Slipknot and Korn producer Ross Robinson recently appeared in an interview with Metal Hammer to answer questions about the bands. Robinson detailed Jonathan Davis‘ struggle to perform the song ‘Daddy’ live during the band’s 20th-anniversary celebration.

Korn has become a prominent figure in the nu-metal scene since the beginning of their appearance. They gained great recognition with the 1998 album ‘Follow the Leader.’ The album earned them mainstream success by debuting at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. It sold over 260.000 copies following its release and became the most successful record of the group commercially.

The band has given importance to talking about social issues in the songs throughout its music career. For instance, the successful self-titled debut album featured child abuse, bullying, and drug use themes. Music critics praised their aggressive sound with these vital themes.

The record included the song ‘Daddy,’ referring to Jonathan Davis’ experience of sexual abuse in his childhood. As he revealed, his parents did not believe in him when he opened up about it. Davis mentioned this song in his book ‘Demonized: Haunted by the Darkness A Memoir.’ He also said several times that he would not perform this track live.

However, Davis sang ‘Daddy’ during the band’s 20th anniversary, but it was a difficult act to do for him. In a recent interview, Korn’s producer Ross Robinson gave information about Jonathan Davis’ struggle to sing this song in their live performance. Robinson stated that he tried to support the vocalist before he went on stage to sing the song. According to the producer, it was the most profound performance everybody could see with the deep emotions Davis reflected in his sound.

Ross Robinson told about Jonathan Davis’ singing the song:

“I just went up to him and held his arms, looked straight in his eyes and said, ‘You need to do it,’ and he goes, ‘I know,’ and that was it. And I still, to this day, haven’t been able to get that deep of performance from anybody. His heart was exploding, and I think we made musical history.”

You can watch the performance below.