Noddy Holder Shares The Last Words Freddie Mercury Ever Said To Him

Noddy Holder, the frontman of Slade, recalled his last encounter with Freddie Mercury and revealed their final conversation during an interview with NME.

Slade fronted the British glam rock scene in the early ’70s with their humorous lyrics and catchy rhythms, complimented by the band’s eccentric stage costumes. Holder was recognized by his signature mirrored top hat, which had become an essential part of his stage shows. Rumor had it that Freddie Mercury had sold him the famous hat. Noddy Holder recently revealed the hat’s origins.

The singer and actor took a quiz regarding his almost six-decade-long career. Holder was asked about his life as a musician besides being an on-screen personality. While he answered the questions, he also opened up about his personal relationship with fellow artists and revealed some memories featuring other stars.

When he was asked about Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer’s parody regarding Slade and how his signature hat was used to parody him, the questions led to how the hat was linked to Queen. Thus, Holder addressed the rumor that Freddie Mercury sold him the hat.

The Slade frontman stated that he had bought the hat from the same Kensington market where Freddie Mercury had a stall before Queen. He explained that Mercury didn’t sell him the hat but shared a fun conversation they had. Apparently, Freddie told Noddy Holder that he, too, would be a ‘big pop rockstar’ like him one day, and Noddy dismissed him.

Holder said the following regarding the rumors around the hat:

“The myth that’s grown is that Freddie Mercury sold me the hat, but the only connection is I bought it from the same Kensington market where he had a stall. We knew Queen well and got on great. Freddie once said to me: ‘Noddy, I’m going to be a big pop rockstar like you one day!’, and I dismissively replied: ‘Yeah right! F*ck off, Freddie!’ [Laughs]. And then he formed Queen and went from strength to strength.”

Speaking on his close relationship with Queen, the singer then shared his last encounter with Mercury in Switzerland. He revealed that he crossed paths with Freddie when he was leaving a club in the late ’80s. Noddy Holder mentioned that Mercury embraced him upon seeing him and thanked him for everything.

Noddy Holder’s memory of their final encounter:

“The last time I saw Freddie was in the late ’80s when he was coming out of a club in Switzerland. He hugged me and whispered to me: ‘Thank you for everything, Noddy.’ Those were the last words he ever said to me.”

Besides addressing the myth regarding his hat, which has been quite popular among Slade and Queen fans, Noddy also shed light upon his relationship with Freddie Mercury and, perhaps, one of his last public moments before the singer lost his battle with AIDS in 1991.