5 Odd Faces Facts Only Hardcore Fans Know

If you are a fan of classic rock, then you’ve probably heard of the band Faces. Featuring legendary rockers like Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood, the band quickly made a name for themselves in the 1970s with their raw, blues-infused sound and high-energy live performances. With Stewart’s distinctive voice and magnetic stage presence, coupled with the band’s tight musicianship, Faces became one of the most beloved live acts of their era.

Despite their relatively short career, which lasted just five years, from 1969 to 1974, Faces left an indelible mark on the history of rock with their four studio albums. Their songs like ‘Stay With Me,’ ‘Ooh La La,’ and ‘Cindy Incidentally’ remain classics to this day, beloved by fans of all ages. Today, we will be looking at five facts only the hardcore fans of the band would know. Let’s get started.

5. Small Faces Got That Name Because They Were All Under Five Feet Six Inches

Many rock fans probably know that Faces started their career as Small Faces. They initially chose this name because they were all under five feet six inches. The face part of their name was inspired by the Who’s ‘I’m the Face’ song, which exemplified their fashionable mod style. However, they later changed their name to Faces following the addition of Wood and Stewart because the newly added two band members were taller than the three former Small Faces.

4. The Band Finally Split Up In Late 1968/Early 1969

Toward the end of 1968 or early 1969, Small Faces disbanded. The reason for the split was due to Steve Marriott’s formation of Humble Pie alongside Peter Frampton and the band’s discord. They also felt that both the press and their fans did not view them as legitimate musicians. Their final performance was on March 8, 1969, at the Springfield Theater located in Jersey on the Channel Islands. After the split, members from the Jeff Beck Group, namely Stewart and Wood, joined the band and brought a sense of gravitas.

3. While Touring With Rod Stewart, Faces Had Gained A Reputation For Their Wild And Unruly Lifestyle

During their time touring with Stewart, Faces had built a reputation for living a wild lifestyle. They were barred from numerous hotels, including the entirety of the Holiday Inn chain, which led them to adopt the pseudonym ‘Fleetwood Mac’ when checking in. In his 2012 memoir, Stewart revealed that the band had a fondness for cocaine and went as far as to describe how Ian McLagan would wear a fake carnation on stage that he would coat with cocaine and discreetly consume during performances.

2. Ian McLagan Ended Up Marrying Keith Moon’s Widow After His Death

Following the death of the Who’s Keith Moon in 1978, Kenney Jones took over as the new drummer for the band. Jones had already worked with the Who as a session drummer when Moon moved to Los Angeles. He officially joined the band in November 1978. Ian McLagan, on the other hand, developed a relationship with Moon’s widow, Kim Kerrigan. She divorced Moon later and married McLagan one month after the Who drummer’s passing.

1. Faces Were Initially Good Friends With The Rolling Stones

Faces and the Rolling Stones were close companions until the latter band recruited Ronnie Wood from the former in 1976. Rod Stewart once recalled Mick Jagger giving him assurance that the Stones would never interfere with Faces shortly before the decision was made. Wood had already appeared on two Rolling Stones albums as a guest musician. Yet, when Wood joined the Stones, it caused some tension between the two bands.