Derek Day Confirms Classless Act Worked With Taylor Hawkins Before His Passing


Classless Act’s Derek Day recently joined an interview with Metal Edge and revealed that the band had an unreleased song with the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins.

Taylor Hawkins made considerable contributions to the rock scene as the drummer of Foo Fighters. He initially appeared with the band in the single ‘Monkey Wrench’ music video in 1997, which was recorded before his joining. Hawkins delivered vocals, guitars, piano, and drums for the group’s albums.

Hawkins furthermore collaborated with other musicians throughout his career. He worked with his side project Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders and released the studio albums entitled ‘Red Light Fever’ and ‘Get the Money.’ The drummer worked with the names like Roger Taylor and Chad Smith.

Hawkins was on the drums for Eric Avery’s solo album ‘Help Wanted’ and Brian May’s ‘Cyborg’ from his 1998 solo record ‘Another World.’ He also became a part of Slash’s solo debut album and provided back vocals for the song ‘Crucify the Dead’ featured by Ozzy Osbourne.

Classless Act’s Derek Day recently confirmed that they were working on a song with Hawkins before his passing. Day has stated that the piece was mainly ready, but they have not considered releasing it. He has noted that they were waiting for the right time to release it after gaining the world’s respect. Day commemorated Hawkins, saying the rocker greatly influenced the band’s identity.

Derek Day talked about the band’s unreleased song with Taylor Hawkins:

“We pretty much wrote the essence of that song. It’s got a verse, it’s got a chorus, it’s got maybe a bridge, and it’s something that could be very easily releasable. When Taylor passed, we just felt so shocked. The whole world was shocked. And you know, we just never thought about releasing it or doing anything with it, to be honest. I think our plan is to get a little bit more notoriety and just show the world who we are, and once we get some form of respect, that’s when we would perhaps put that song out and say, by the way, we did this with the late, great Taylor Hawkins. And thanks to him, we are who we are. And so, we’re going to wait on it for proper timing.”

Derek Day revealed that Classless Act worked on a song with the late drummer Taylor Hawkins. They have not released the song yet as they have been waiting for the right timing. Day pointed out the importance of Hawkins’ impact on the band’s sound. Maybe in the future, when the band members become ready, fans will be able to hear the late drummer on a new song.