Paul Di’Anno Just Delivered ‘The World’s Slowest Heavy Metal Car Crash’ According To Critics

Australian fans saw a tumultuous start to Paul Di’Anno’s latest tour, with one critic describing the former Iron Maiden frontman’s performance as ‘the world’s slowest heavy metal car crash.’ The Wall of Sound review followed Di’Anno’s recent show in Perth, which kicked off his five-date tour down under.

Held at the Amplifier Bar in Perth on January 16, the show saw Di’Anno constantly interrupting his performance to express frustrations. Gareth Williams of Wall Of Sound reported the singer’s rants at his drummer, grievances about the microphone, and even an instance of throwing a cushion in anger:

“Halfway into ‘Murders in The Rue Morgue,’ he stopped the show. Admittedly, the band was out of time, but I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw a show stop because the song wasn’t perfect. Di’Anno had a rant at his drummer and complained he couldn’t hear himself. … Things eventually got going again, but between every song, the frontman complained.

It started with jetlag, being tired, the weather, the sound, and his microphone. Paul wanted a cordless one so the lead wouldn’t get tangled in his wheelchair. The wheelchair also copped the man-child’s wrath for being ‘f*cking uncomfortable.’ Like a toddler throwing a toy from their highchair, Di’Anno pulled a cushion he was sitting on and threw it on the stage.”

The critic then stated that Di’Anno should’ve refunded the audience for having to watch ‘the world’s slowest heavy metal car crash’:

“From what I witnessed over the preceding hour, I’m not sure Di’Anno had reached acceptance. What he should have reached for were the door-takings and refunded every single person who had the misfortune of experiencing the world’s slowest heavy metal car crash. Paul Di’Anno is someone I have admired for decades, and to see what he’s become is just heartbreaking. With 4 more shows in the current Australian tour, maybe he’ll pull it back.  For his sake and the sake of his fans, I hope he does.”

Di’Anno’s Recent Endeavors

After his tenure with Iron Maiden, Di’Anno has remained active in the music scene with various bands and solo projects. Last year, he collaborated with Hrvoje Madiraca and Ante ‘Pupi’ Pupačić to form Warhorse, releasing new music after a seven-year hiatus due to health issues.

In 2021, a crowdfunding campaign was launched to support Di’Anno’s knee surgery. By November of that year, he relocated to Croatia for treatment. The surgery took place in September 2022. His struggles also include financial matters, with Di’Anno revealing in a 2023 interview that he is owed millions in royalties.

A fan who posted a clip of the Perth concert on Facebook praised Di’Anno’s rendition of Iron Maiden classics. Moreover, according to another fan footage, Di’Anno felt unwell and called to leave the stage during the January 17th show.

Looking ahead, Di’Anno is set to release a new album under the name Paul Di’Anno’s Warhorse in 2024. Besides, his ongoing ‘The Beast Resurrection Tour’ is planned to cover six continents with over 150 shows. You can get your tickets here.