Sammy Hagar Admits Money Wasn’t His Motivation In Business

Van Halen icon Sammy Hagar joined an interview with Seltzer Nation and shared his thoughts about his past and ongoing business enterprises. Hagar admitted that he never intended to make a profit through them and revealed the real source of motivation behind them.

Along with his longtime musical career with Van Halen, Chickenfoot, The Waboritas, The Circle, and many other bands, Hagar’s business ventures brought him great commercial success. The most known one is probably the Cabo Wabo Tequila, the second-best-selling premium tequila in America. The musician gained more than $90 million from selling the interests to Gruppo Campari and has focused on other projects.

In addition, owning Sammy’s Beach Bar and Cabo Wabo Cantina helped him improve at managing restaurants and nightclubs. In his conversation, the Red Rocker emphasized that his driving force was his creativity as an artist, and he came up with these projects in a way similar to writing a song. The famous musician described coming up with these ideas for his business and tracks as a gift.

The Circle frontman said watching a drunk guy in the morning made him think about Cabo Wabo, which turned into an idea worth millions. Hagar continued to highlight that he never cared about selling a brand and making money from it at the beginning of his ventures. For the singer, money means helping more people in need, and his motivation is being successful and winning no matter what he wishes to do right now.

Hagar said in his interview that:

What drives me is creativity. I’m an artist; I write music. How do you write a song? Well, I can’t even tell you. It’s like a gift. It just comes to you out of the ether all of a sudden. I was sitting around playing guitar, and suddenly, I thought, ‘Oh, that’s a nice change.’ You start plucking around, another note comes, and another idea comes, and pretty soon, the lyrics come. So that’s the way I am. That’s the way my mind operates.

I learned with Cabo Wabo when I created that brand. I was watching a guy walk down the road, and he was drunk in the morning. He had one shoe on, his clothes ripped, bouncing off the barbwire fence out into the middle of the street, which was so narrow, I couldn’t get around him. I’m looking at this guy. He’s doing a fricking Cabo Wabo. That was in Cabo.”

He added:

“I thought, Oh, what a great name. Boom! The light comes on. I realized that one idea could turn into hundreds of millions of dollars in value. I don’t ever forget it. Once I did that. So, if I get a good idea, I want to see it happen. I love the ride. I could care less about selling it or making all the money in the end.

The only thing money is good for is helping other people now in my life. So, I’m motivated to be successful because I don’t want to lose. Who the hell wants to start a business that fails? Nope. I am not interested. So, I still want to win. By winning now, you get a jackpot. You get this pot of gold. I’ve learned to give that pot of gold back to communities.”

As a person who earned a fortune thanks to his record sales and being part of many famous bands, it’s not surprising that Sammy Hagar never wanted to gain more with his alcohol brands or other enterprises. He is an artist, so his only purpose is to create the projects in his mind.