Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke Exposes Austin Carlisle’s ‘Lies’ About His Betrayal

Falling In Reverse’ Ronnie Radke recently took to Twitter to share a ‘funny’ story of Mice & Men’s vocalist Austin Carlile. Ronnie revealed Carlile’s lies claiming he betrayed him. He explained:

“Funny story: Austin Carlile, Warped Tour 2012, tried to befriend me; he said we were merch brothers bragging about how well we were both selling in merch, and after he said that, it immediately made me not want to ever speak to him again. So I didn’t.”

Ronnie continued:

“In between this and the next Warped tour, we were playing the following years… Austin Carlile proceeded to tell insane lies, like ‘I was his best friend’ and ‘I betrayed him’ Austin was known for being a pathological liar. For example, he once drove to a mansion to take a picture in front of it to make it seem like it was his house. Lying for no reason.”

After Ronnie heard the lies that Austin had spread about him, the rocker confronted the Mice & Men vocalist and said:

“Flash forward to warped 2014-15, ish I’m headed to the stage with my ears in. I saw Austin carLIAR standing in the catering line, so I stopped, and I told him that if he ever said another lie about me, I was going to break his jaw. He apologized to me.”

Radke also wrote about the time he lent a hand to Mice & Men in his tweet. He added:

“The same tour of Mice & Men had technical issues and needed help, so I volunteered to give them our ears; they were so late to the stage they played three songs, but it’s funny cause Austin was using my wireless pack that said ‘Radke’ on it. They never once thanked me for helping him.”

Ronnie finally shared how he cut all ties with Austin by saying:

“Flash forward to around 2021, he DM’s me and tells me God has told him to message me. All the way from Brazil, where he fled for some reason, I blocked him. There’s more I won’t say that’s way worse. I’ll just put it in my book and reissue it.”

Besides Austin, the Falling In Reverse vocalist also recently exposed a story of the band’s ex-drummer Ryan Seaman. The rocker recalled one sold-out show. He wrote on Twitter:

“Funny story, when Ryan Seaman was in the band (literal closet douchebag, he hid it well), we were playing Salt Lake City, and I remember Ryan Seaman goes, ‘I feel like we sold the show out because it’s my home town show.’ He had a DJ set later that night down the street. Literally, nobody showed up. When I say nobody, I mean not even his band members went.”

You can read Ronnie Radke’s tweets below.