The Oasis Song Johnny Depp Saved Noel Gallagher

On one faithful chat with Apple Music only a few months ago, Liam Gallagher slagged off the rockers who dared to write a memoir since, with all of their drug and alcohol use over the years, it would be a miracle for any rocker to remember anything at all. Then, in true Gallagher fashion, he slammed Keith Richards by calling the guitarist’s books bullsh*t, although he really enjoys sharing his memories.

Well, you see, Gallagher’s theory of why rockers shouldn’t write memoirs had solid reasoning because he, himself, couldn’t remember a thing from his days of excessive partying, living the everyday life of rock and roll. Still, he argued that his dear brother and part-time rival, Noel, could remember any details quite right.

However, it seemed like Liam’s belief about his brother’s great memory might not be entirely true since Noel also had his days enjoying more than only a few shots. There was even one time when he blacked out while recording due to downing, probably, a few bottles of alcohol, and somebody else had to step in to play his part.

So, through the late ’90s, our beloved Gallaghers were at a studio session in Abbey Road, Ridge Farm, trying to record a track for their then-upcoming album, ‘Be Here Now.’ However, things weren’t going well since Noel had passed out, and getting him back to his feet would surely be trouble.

Luckily, however, they had a guest in the studio who knew how to handle a guitar and who you might guess to be Johnny Depp. So, when Gallagher couldn’t play the slide guitar parts since he was out of it, the guest, Depp, kindly decided to take things in hand and played Noel’s part. And that was how the track ‘Fade In-Out’ was born.

However, some felt like it would be better if the blacked-out Gallagher had played his parts. You see, for some fans on online platforms, ‘Fade In-Out’s live versions, without Johnny Depp featuring on the guitar, were better than the studio version. So, perhaps, some didn’t enjoy Depp’s addition to Oasis as much.

In the end, when Noel had trouble standing straight and playing his guitar parts, Johnny Depp was there to fill in for the studio session, getting the chance not to be a sole observer but to play in an Oasis record. So, surely, both of the Gallagher brothers had their days enjoying more than a few bottles of alcohol.