Chris Jericho Names The Perfect Rock Star


The AEW star and the singer of Fozzy, Chris Jericho recently spoke about Skid Row and their influence. He moved on to describing the perfect rockstar and gave a surprising name.

Chris Jericho is one of the most successful AEW stars and is also the vocalist of the heavy metal band Fozzy. He joined Fozzy in 1999 and released their debut album with the same name in 2000. Later, they released seven more studio albums and a live album. They released their latest album in 2017, and the band is still known to be active.

In his recent interview on Shout It Out Loudcast YouTube channel, Jericho spoke about Skid Row and their former frontman Sebastian Bach. He stated that if Skid Row hadn’t broken up, they would have been in Guns N’ Roses and Judas Priest level. He stated that Sebastian Bach was the perfect rockstar because he had all the ingredients. He was a good-looking man, and women loved him, which according to Jericho, checks all the boxes.

It is surprising to see Jericho praising Bach and Skid Row considering their feud. A while back, fans resembled Jericho to Bach which was brought to Bach’s attention. Hence, he replied to the resemblance comments and stated that Jericho always lipsyncs and he has no vocal abilities. This sparked a huge feud between the two rock stars that resulted in fleets of tweets and fans getting involved. After such an eventful feud, Jericho spoke objectively about Bach and picked him as the perfect rock star.

Here is what he said about Bach and Skid Row in his interview:

“Had there not been a complete sea change and shift in musical styles, and had Sebastian and the guys not completely broken up forever, they could have been a Guns N’ Roses level, a Judas Priest level. Not an Iron Maiden level — not a Guns N’ Roses either — but they could have been that second tier of main-event-level bands. Because, two reasons — one, dudes like us like the music; heavier guys like Pantera like the music; and here’s the most important thing. You know what I’m gonna say.

The chicks love the music, and they love Sebastian Bach, who, at the time. I used to say if you could into a laboratory, and you were a mad scientist and create the perfect rock star, Sebastian Bach would be the perfect rock star — all across the board; he checks every box in everything. And so, I think that’s another reason why Skid Row was able to bridge the gap. It could have even gone farther because the girls really enjoyed the band as well.”

You can watch the interview below.