Ronnie Radke Targets Ex-Falling In Reverse Drummer And Mocks Him Publicly

Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke recently took to Twitter to share a ‘funny’ story and mock the band’s former drummer Ryan Seaman. The rocker recalled one night they played Salt Lake City; he explained:

“Funny story, when Ryan Seaman was in the band (literal closet douchebag, he hid it well), we were playing Salt Lake City, a big sold-out show, and I remember Ryan Seaman goes, ‘I feel like we sold the show out because it’s my home town show.’ He had a DJ set later that night down the street. Literally, nobody showed up. When I say nobody, I mean not even his band members went.”

Ronnie continued:

“So he wrote on Facebook he was done with all his friends in Utah. I remember seeing some of his friends write on his post, ‘We are all in our mid 30’s with jobs and kids, Ryan. Sorry, we couldn’t come to your emo night DJ set.’ If it weren’t for Ryan Seaman, our band would be nothing; thanks, Ryan.”

One fan responded to Ronnie’s tweet and asked the frontman why he felt the need to mock Ryan if he was that insignificant. Radke replied:

“Because I know Dallon Weekes loves it.”

Seaman and Dallon Weekes had teamed up to form their band IDKHow. However, five months ago, Ryan accused the drummer on Twitter of stealing $26k and committing fraud against Dallon, which is why he also mentioned Dallon’s name in his recent tweets. Despite the lack of official confirmation from Weekes, fans quickly assumed that this was the reason why Ryan was absent from the band’s promotions and potentially was fired entirely.

You can read Ronnie Radke’s tweets below.