Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Admits Writing A Song For His Criminal Friend


During a recent appearance on ‘Live on the Fly with Randy Credico,’ Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters opened up about the persecution of the lawyer Steven Donziger. Before the interview, it was announced that Waters brought new music with him to play at the end. Apparently, the musician wrote a song named ‘The Bar’ dedicated to Donzinger’s case.

For those of you who may not know, Steven Donziger is a human rights lawyer who has been widely known for his lengthy fight against Chevron over pollution they have caused in the Amazon rainforest. He represented over 30k farmers and indigenous Ecuadorians in a case against Chevron due to their environmental damage and health effects caused by oil drilling.

The company took legal action against the lawyer and filed a lawsuit against him in NYC. As a result, Donziger was disbarred from practicing in New York in 2018. Following his house arrest in August 2019, Donziger was found guilty in July 2021, and he is now facing the possibility of a 6-month jail sentence.

Throughout this whole process, Roger Waters has been a huge supporter of the attorney’s case and has fought with him against Chevron. He joined Steven Donziger during an interview and stressed the resemblance of his case to Julian Assange. According to the rocker, governments work with big companies to fill their pockets and use the law to their advantage.

During the interview, Waters said:

“It’s the same story. It’s exactly the same story. It’s how governments and big businesses connive with each other to ignore the rule of law in order to further their aim. So, their aims are to fill the pockets of the oligarchs with money at the expense of the ordinary people of the world who are dying as we speak.”

The Pink Floyd icon also brought an original track to the interview to be played at the end of the show. Roger Waters released a brand new song called ‘The Bar,’ dedicated to Steven Donzinger’s case with lyrics referring to his opinions on the government’s actions to make money. Fans are thrilled to hear new music from Waters, and they aren’t surprised as the musician has often taken action using his art.

You can watch the interview and listen to the new song below.