The Truth About Tigerlily Taylor, The Daughter Of Queen Drummer Roger Taylor


Queen’s iconic drummer Roger Taylor had been living together with model Debbie Lang and had three children, Rufus, Tigerlily, and Lola, before they split in 2004. The drummer is a proud father of his children, and his 27-year-old daughter Tigerlily is one of them who makes him proud by establishing her career as an independent and successful woman.

Tigerlily studied English Language and Literature with the world-famous model and actress Cara Delavigne as her dormmate. She loves English and plans to pursue a career where she can combine her writing with hobbies like art and fashion. Aside from being the daughter of one of the most prominent drummers in the industry, Tigerlily is striving towards creating her image.

What Are Tigerlily’s Ventures In Fashion?


In recent years, she became interested in fashion, following her mother’s footsteps. In a 2017 interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she stated that her mother spiked up her inspiration in the fashion world which later became a massive part of her life. She described her current style as ‘vintage,’ which is also something introduced by her mother, and currently, she is modeling.

She also started her career in the fashion industry at a relatively young age as Tigerlily was only 23 years old when she began modeling for big fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Emporio Armani, and Topshop Unique in fashion weeks. Aside from these brands, she’s also showing her style, which she describes as ‘street-style,’ on her official Instagram account. Though Tigerlily doesn’t think she particularly has fashionable taste, her 68k followers seem to disagree.

Here is what she stated about her vintage clothing inspiration:

“She inspired how I dress hugely. My mother has always been into fashion. However, like me, she is more concerned with the art of beautiful pieces than a certain trend. She introduced me to vintage clothing, which is a massive part of my life.”

As for her style, Tigerlily said:

“I am very into trainers, jackets and big T-shirts, so I wouldn’t call myself particularly fashionable. I prefer to stick to my own style rather than follow trends. I’m all about comfort. Then again, when the time calls for it, I do love a bit of a dress-up.”

Although her professional career started as a model, the daughter of Roger Taylor doesn’t limit herself to the fashion industry. Talented Tigerlily shares her future career plans surrounding her artistry on her official Instagram page; let’s dig into details.

What Are Tigerlily’s Plans For The Future?


Tigerlily doesn’t want to let go of her writing as a language and literature graduate. Instead, she wants to combine all her skills and create something unique. She is also interested in painting and plans to combine literature and painting into an illustration book she will be writing in the future. As another plan, she is thinking about venturing off to journalism and building up a career in that area.

Currently, she posts beautiful photos on her Instagram account actively regarding her modeling career, painting endeavors, and personal life. The latest post she shared was regarding the passing of a rocker. Tigerlily was very upset to see Foo Fighters’ drummer Taylor Hawkins pass away. Because of her close relationship with her father, Roger, she had also spent time with Hawkins and was devastated by the saddening news.