Pink Floyd Scares Fans With A David Gilmour Post That Resembles An Obituary


Pink Floyd recently posted a photo on their official Instagram account and recalled the special show that David Gilmour performed at five years ago in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust, but the flyer of the event which featured a crow was perceived as an obituary by some fans who expressed the scare that they felt in the comments section.

As you know, David Gilmour is not an active social media user but he sometimes posts videos of his performances with his family, which now has a nickname, The Von Trapped family. The Gilmour family has been spending their days in solitude on a Greek island, Hydra, where they enjoy each other’s company and try to protect themselves from COVID-19.

The rock world has been shaken a number of times since the beginning of the pandemic. As you may recall, the rock world mourned the passing of Eddie Van Halen in October 2020, Ted Nugent recently tested positive for COVID-19, Exodus drummer Tom Hunting got diagnosed with cancer, and the list of bad news keeps going on.

Thus, seeing a post by Pink Floyd featuring a crow, which often is used to symbolize death, and David Gilmour’s name on top of it almost gave his fans a heart attack. While some of his fans said their heart skipped a beat upon seeing the photo, others said that this photo is indeed misleading as they ‘can’t be the only one whose heart just stopped after seeing this picture.’

Here’s what Pink Floyd said in the caption of their recent Instagram post:

“Five years ago today, David Gilmour performed a special show at London’s Royal Albert Hall as part of the series of shows for the Teenage Cancer Trust. A special print, marking David’s concert, was sold with all proceeds going towards their vital work.”

This is what a fan commented:

“Lol, what a scare my heart goes down for a second.”

And another fan said:

“I can’t be the only one whose heart just stopped after seeing this picture, lmao.”

You can check out Pink Floyd’s post below.

Photo Credit: Pink Floyd – Instagram