John Lydon Loses His Lawsuit Against Sex Pistol Bandmates Over Music Rights

Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon, also known as Johnny Rotten, recently lost the lawsuit against his former bandmates over music rights.

For the last two years, it has become popular for bands to air their documentaries on television or cinema. Sex Pistols members Steve Jones and Paul Cook also decided to immortalize their legacy and contribution to rock history by creating a new documentary series on television, named ‘Pistol.’

Naturally, the band wanted to use their songs as soundtracks for the mini-series, but John Lydon was against this decision. He claimed that this series will damage the band’s reputation as well as its legacy. Therefore, John started a legal battle over the music rights that will be used in the documentary, stating that he is trying to protect the band’s name and won’t let anybody harm the legacy they have created.

After a month, the lawsuit was finally settled and it was recently revealed that John lost his legal battle against his bandmates. The Sex Pistols signed an agreement over twenty years ago, which confirmed to make decisions on a ‘majority rules basis,’ which is why John couldn’t win the lawsuit.

Steve Jones and Paul Cook made this statement after the lawsuit settled:

“We welcome the court’s ruling in this case. It brings clarity to our decision-making and upholds the band members’ agreement on collective decision-making. It has not been a pleasant experience, but we believe it was necessary to allow us to move forward and hopefully work together in the future with better relations.”

This also means that the ‘Pistol’ documentary is going to air next year if they don’t face any obstacle on their way. The series will only have six episodes and will be based on Steve Jones’ biographical book, ‘Lonely Boy.’