Steve Vai Names The Most Famous Successful Musician In The World

Guitar virtuoso Steve Vai recently joined an interview with FaceCulture, during which reflected on the regular path the musicians followed on their way to becoming successful. Vai then gave Paul McCartney as an example and stated that it is never enough although he is the most famous successful musician.

There are various lists every year about the richest and most successful musicians in the world. It is no surprise that the Beatles icon Paul McCartney is mostly at the top, at least in the top three. McCartney and John Lennon shared writing credits for The Beatles records, which kind of guaranteed the wealth of both. Besides that, McCartney also has a successful solo career and many collaborations with notable names.

During the interview, Steve Vai was mainly talking about a musician’s journey within the music industry. He said that when they fail, they have many excuses for that but if they’re passionate enough, nothing will stop them. Then, Vai explained that when they become successful, that’s another story. He highlighted that being successful is never enough because you will always want more.

Later on, the guitarist recalled something he read about Paul McCartney. Steve Vai stated that McCartney is the most famous successful musician in the world because he is the richest but he read that Paul was trying to change the order of the names from Lennon and McCartney to McCartney and Lennon. Thus, this was a good example for Vai to explain that all people have the ego and it is not about how successful you are because it will never be enough.

Here is how Steve Vai referred to Paul McCartney:

“You can become successful because then what happens and this happens all the time, it’s not enough. It still isn’t enough. If it’s not enough now, it is not going to be enough later because you take your miserable self with you. It’s not enough now, it is not gonna be enough later. I don’t mean to disrespect anybody here but I read this one thing. I read it but I don’t know if it’s true.

Who would you say is the most famous successful musician in the world right now? Maybe, Paul McCartney, he is the richest as what they say. I read something once where he was lobbying to change the order of the names on some of the Beatles songs from Lennon and McCartney to McCartney and Lennon.

It’s not enough so the ego, and I’m sure he is a very content guy and we love him but the ego is insidious and elusive. It does things like that so you take who you are wherever you go and like I say I am not dissing Paul McCartney. That just stuck out to me as a little example of elusiveness and I could be totally wrong, this is just me.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.