Snowy White: ‘Pink Floyd Didn’t Mean Anything To Me’

Blues guitarist Snowy White, who has worked with bands such as The Lizzy and Pink Floyd, made statements about Pink Floyd. In an interview with Guitar Player, White stated that he did not know Pink Floyd before he started playing with them, and continued his words as follows:

“Pink Floyd didn’t mean anything to me, as I was a very narrow-minded blues player, so if it didn’t have blues in it, I wasn’t interested. Also, I didn’t know anything about them. But then somebody said, ‘Why don’t you ring them up? Won’t hurt to find out a bit more.’ I thought, Well, I’m not doing anything, so I called them and went to their manager’s office, in London. He told me they were in the studio around the corner at Britannia Row, recording the Animals album.”

Studio Session With Pink Floyd

In the continuation of the interview, White talked about the studio session with Pink Floyd and talked about her exchange of ideas with David Gilmour and the wishes she presented to him:

“Dave [Gilmour] took me aside and explained to me that they needed a bit of bass, some rhythm guitar, a bit of 12-string and some harmony and lead bits, and could I play them? I said yes, and then Dave asked did I want the gig? And I said, ‘Yes, but maybe we should have a jam so you can hear me play?’ Dave answered, ‘You wouldn’t be here if you couldn’t play, would you?’

Later, White recounted the dialogue that developed with Roger Watters in the studio’s control room:

“So that was it! We went back into the control room and Roger [Waters] says, ‘While you’re here, why don’t you play a solo on this song I’ve just done called ‘Pigs on the Wing’? I said, ‘That’d be nice.’ Roger asked the engineer to put the song up, and Dave said, ‘Yes, use any of those guitars.’’

1980 And 1990 Wall Tours


Snowy White’s connection to Pink Floyd dates back to 1976. After this tour, Snowy was invited to the Wall tour in 1980. After Pink Floyd disbanded in 1994, Roger Waters and David Gilmour went their separate ways. During this time, Roger Waters and who continued their Wall tours, crossed paths again with Snowy White. In an interview with the Rolling Stones in November 2020, White said the following when talking about the 1990 Wall Tour:

“Roger phoned me up and he said, ‘I’m only doing this little tour, just three weeks. It would nice if you were in the band. I agreed to do it since it seemed like a nice chance to get out to America and do some shows. I thought it would just be three weeks, but that short tour turned into 13 years.”

Works Outside Of Pink Floyd

Snowy White is best known for her work with Pink Floyd and Roger Waters. However, he was a member of the band Thin Lizzy in the early 1980s. The Lizzy is the owner of globally known songs such as ‘Whiskey in the Jar’, ‘Jailbreak’, ‘The Boys Are Back in Town’ and ‘Bad Reputation.’ On the other hand, White has worked with many names from Peter Green to Mick Taylor, and he got his big break with his solo song ‘Bird of Paradise’, which he released in 1983.