How George Harrison Felt About ‘Sharing The Same Wife’ With Eric Clapton, The Beatles Icon Explained Once

The Beatles lead guitarist George Harrison once opened up about the friendship he had with the legendary guitarist Eric Clapton during an interview back in 1987, and at some point during the interview, Harrison makes fun of the fact that the two close friends actually married the same women, top model Pattie Boyd.

As many of you might know, Eric Clapton had a close friendship with all the members of the Beatles after meeting the band for the first time back in December 1964, however, it was the two iconic guitarists George Harrison and Eric Clapton had the closest friendship over the years.

The duo even collaborated on several music projects over time such as the Beatles song, ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ which was released on November 22, 1968. While the song belongs to the band, Harrison and Clapton often performed the song together live, making the track an iconic one for both.

In addition to numerous collaborations and a very close friendship, both guitarists actually have another thing in common. It’s the famous model and photographer Pattie Boyd who was married to George Harrison for 11 years from 1966 to 1977.

How Eric Clapton Married With Pattie Boyd

After the couple got a divorce, Pattie Boyd and Harrison’s best friend, Eric Clapton got married in 1979 since Clapton already fell in love with Boyd while she was still married to Harrison. While everybody would expect the Beatles guitarist to blast after this incident, he actually was quite friendly about the two getting married at the time and both guitarists remained friends.

How George Harrison Reacted To Eric And Pattie Marriage?

During an interview back when Eric Clapton was still married to Pattie Boyd, George Harrison opened up about his friendship with Clapton. Apparently, the two have always been friends and are going to be in the future, according to Harrison 34-year-ago while he made a humorous joke about the two sharing the same wife right from the beginning of the interview.

Here is what Harrison said:

We share the same wife. I’ve been friends with Eric for years and I think I always will be. He’s a lovely fella and I love him very dearly and I just call him up again, you know, ‘doing an album Eric, could you come and play?’ Sure, he came over, play great stuff.”

You can see the video of the interview below.