Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan Announces Benefit Show To Support Highland Park Victims

Smashing Pumkins’ Billy Corgan shared a tweet on his Twitter account to announce a virtual charity concert that will benefit the victims of the Highland Park shooting. Corgan asked for the support of his fans to aid the communities affected by this tragedy.

The Smashing Pumpkins were one of the bands that emerged in 1988 and made their debut in 1991 by releasing their album ‘Gish.’ Although they achieved great success, they were overshadowed by other groups such as Nirvana. Billy Corgan has had some difficult years of depression and suicidal thoughts. After his time with the Smashing Pumpkins, he began to dabble in and out of his solo career.

Corgan made headlines after announcing his virtual charity concert to raise money for the victims of the mass murder in Highland Park. It was reported that seven people were killed, and more than 45 people were injured in Highland Park on July 4th. The gunman had opened fire on a crowd from the roof. The shooter was brought to justice and charged with seven first-degree murders.

Corgan tweeted to inform his fans about his charity concert to show support for the victims in Highland Park. He stated that many lives were affected by this tragedy. He added that this tragedy hit very close to home as he had lived in Highland Park for 20 years. The show ‘Together and Together Again’ will be broadcasted live on Youtube on July 27 for free. Billy also added that fans would be able to make charitable donations during the concert.

Billy Corgan’s tweet about the Highland Park shooting is as follows:

“Hello, everyone. It’s an honor to make this special announcement to you. For those who don’t know, I’ve lived in Highland Park for about 20 years. About a week ago, we had the horrible tragedy here on July 4 that took so many lives and injured so many people and really affected us as a community. So what we want to do on the evening of July 27 is we’re going to have a very special charity concert. We’ll broadcast live on Youtube for free. You’ll be able to make charitable donations there. Jimmy Chamberlin’s going to be part of the concert, other parts of the Pumpkins family. There are so many people here affected by this tragedy. It’s very close to our hearts, and we hope you’ll participate and support it as well.”

You can see the tweet below.