Maynard James Keenan’s Commitment To Complete Chester Bennington’s Project


Known as the lead vocalist of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington is considered one of the greatest rock vocalists of his generation. The late singer was one of the musicians who contributed to the combination of genres to create something unique. The Linkin Park sound that fans have become accustomed to was derived from the early influences of the band members. For instance, Bennington was influenced by various artists, including Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, and Metallica, which helped create the band’s sound.

Linkin Park’s debut album ‘Hybrid Theory’ was released in 2000 and instantly made the band world-famous. The album was certified diamond in 2005 and became the best-selling debut album of the decade. The album reached so many people partially because of Bennington’s struggle with mental health throughout his life. The songs had traces of Bennington’s traumas, which made their songs relatable and strengthened the band’s bond with their listeners since their fans felt an intimate connection with the rocker.

Besides his work with Linkin Park, Chester was interested in branching out and exploring new projects. Before his untimely death, he worked with Billy Howerdel to produce a song. However, this collaboration was not the only exciting part of this story, as the track was eventually recorded by Maynard James Keenan. Let’s find out how these rock icons crossed paths.

Chester Bennington’s Contribution To A Perfect Circle Song


Chester Bennington was not only a singer but also a creative force, which is reflected in his career trajectory. Even though he was primarily focused on his work with Linkin Park, he was also interested in a solo career. His first venture kicked off when he formed a band called ‘Dead By Sunrise’ in 2009. He later became the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots in 2013 and starred in many movies like ‘Crank,’ ‘Crank: High Voltage,’ and ‘ Saw 3D.’ His ideas didn’t stop there, as he wanted to work with Billy Howerdel.

Their journey began when Bennington approached Howerdel to produce a song for Linkin Park’s 2017 album ‘One More Light.’ Howerdel had a half-finished piece that was supposed to be used by his band, Ashes Divide. Thus, Billy Howerdel suggested co-writing ‘Eat The Elephant’ for the ‘One More Light’ album. Although everything seemed on track and Bennington was set to record the song, the album took a more pop route. This meant that ‘Eat The Elephant’ didn’t suit the tracklist of ‘One More Light’ anymore.

As mentioned earlier, Chester Bennington was known for his lyrics inspired by personal experiences. The lyrical themes were about his teenage experiences in terms of substance abuse and the constant tensions surrounding his parents’ divorce. Bennington struggled behind the scenes; even though he made the audience feel seen, he was in pain. He took his own life on July 20, 2017, which deeply saddened the music industry, fans, family, and friends.

After the Linkin Park vocalist passed away, Howerdel decided to dig ‘Eat The Elephant’ from the archives and work on it again for A Perfect Circle. Maynard James Keenan wrote new lyrics for the song and sang all the vocals. Keenan added that Bennington’s passing prompted him into a whirlwind of grief and encouraged him to finish the track. In a way, it was a dedication to him.

You can listen to ‘Eat The Elephant’ below.