Ted Nugent Shares The Name And Release Date Of The First Song Of His New Album, ‘Detroit Muscle’

During a recent Facebook Livestream, rock veteran Ted Nugent announced the name of his first-ever track from the upcoming studio album, ‘Detroit Muscle‘ as well as revealing the release date to his fans which is most likely going to be happening in the next month.

Ted Nugent announced the thrilling news for his fans a couple of weeks ago during a Facebook Livestream and revealed that he’s going to be releasing a brand new studio album before the winter of 2021. Just one week later, the successful musician announced the name which is ‘Detroit Muscle,‘ and the tracklisting of his upcoming album.

Apparently, Ted Nugent has been working in his studio with musicians such as Greg Smith and Jason Hartless both of whom he previously jammed with as well as other artists and the record will be including a total of ten songs with names, ‘American Campfire,’ ‘Come And Take It,’ and ‘Born in the Motor City.’

On top of this, the musician played a portion from the brand new tracks during another Facebook Livestream to his fans and he looked incredibly excited for each and every one of them as he stressed how every musician in the making of the record have the same passion he has while recording the tracks, thus, each song sounds amazing like he wanted.

While further information keeps coming from the musician, he recently announced exciting news about his record, ‘Detroit Muscle’ during another Livestream via his official Facebook page. Apparently, Ted Nugent’s upcoming album’s opening track and the first single is going to be ‘Come and Take It.’ Furthermore, Nugent revealed the release date of the song as well and it will be out sometime in the next month, according to the guitarist’s statement.

During his Facebook Livestream, Nugent’s statements follow:

“‘Detroit Muscle’ starts with a fire-breathing, star-spangled bonjour and goes into ‘Detroit Muscle.’ Strap your ass in, I got a fire-breathing mop higher downtown Detroit is like a rock and roll dream. ‘Kick out the jams if you really wanna go fire motor city spirit is gonna make you scream.’

Holy smokes, what an orgy of soul music with Greg Smith and Jason Hartless, Michael Lutz, and Andy, and Tim Paddlin. Boy, what a team of real music cherishers, music embracers, music aficionados, and lovers. We expect the first song to be ‘Come And Take It,’ the first song to be unleashed sometime in the next month or so, I hope. We’re very proud of the recording, we’re very proud of the musical integrity and the spirit and the attitude.”

So far, Ted Nugent revealed the name of the album as well as the tracklisting in addition to the possible release time of the whole album and now his fans know when they are going to be hearing a song from ‘Detroit Muscle’ and judging by Nugent’s reactions to his team as well as the songs, the album is going to be the best solo record if his career and his fans cannot wait to lay their hands on the record.