Ted Nugent Announces The Possible Release Date Of His 2021 Album

In his recent Facebook live stream, the famous rock music veteran and conservative political activist Ted Nugent talked about his upcoming album and the possible date that it will be released.

Ted Nugent has been known to get back on the studio for a new album record after a three years break following the release of his 15th studio album, ‘The Music Made Me Do It,’ on November 9, 2018. Although he has been drawing attention for most of his controversial statements about his political views, it seems Nugent is now focusing on making music again.

During one of his live streams on Facebook, Ted has shared some updates on his upcoming album. He mentioned that he hoped his new record will be out before the winter and the hunting season. Defining his new project as a ‘killer new record,’ Ted seemed very enthusiastic and excited about the upcoming release.

Here’s what Ted Nugent said in the live stream:

“Killer new songs for a killer new record that we’re gonna record in the next couple of weeks. I hope to God that the Ted Nugent Detroit muscle CD, or however they do it nowadays – the record, my new album – will be out before the winter, I hope. Maybe before hunting season ’cause we’re gonna wrap it up here in the next month.”

Nugent previously stated that he might be naming his album ‘Ted Nugent Handsome Devil,’ which was a nickname given him by former President Donald Trump. Ted also added that he will use the audio of the former President saying that phrase in his album.