Ted Nugent Says ‘We Sexually Molest The Guitar Licks’ As He Updates Fans About New Album

Rock veteran Ted Nugent played guitar licks from the song that are going to include in his upcoming studio album during a recent Facebook Livestream as well as revealing that the recording session with other musicians had the same energy as the time when he made music 62 years ago as a child.

For those of you who may not know, Ted Nugent announced an upcoming studio album during a live stream on his official Facebook page as well as delivering the good news by stating that it’s supposed to be released before the winter of 2021. While Nugent looked incredibly enthusiastic about the upcoming record, he didn’t give away all the details about the album at the time.

Fortunately, Ted Nugent revealed the name for his upcoming album during a Facebook Livestream, and apparently, it will be named ‘Detroit Muscle’ which is being recorded in his studio at home. Furthermore, Nugent announced the musicians he has been working with in the studio, Greg Smith and Jason Heartless both of whom Nugent previously jammed with for his earlier albums as well as other artists.

As always, the rock veteran announced more information about the record via a Facebook Livestream recently as well as playing a portion from the tracks of his upcoming album, ‘Detroit Muscle.’ The 72-year-old Ted Nugent also looked back on the time when he first started playing the guitar with a drummer who was also unfamiliar with the instrument 62 years ago and stated that the instinctive sound that he created as a kid was also present during his recording with musicians he has been working with for the album.

During Facebook Livestream, Nugent revealed:

“62 years ago, I was fumbling with hunky tunky boogie-woogie and desperately trying to find out where those Chuck Berry licks were on the guitar neck. I stumbled like a stumbled bum but I practiced and I practiced. Now, 62 years later, when we got in the barn and Michael, and Tim, and Andy set up all that outboard gear so we have stated the art sound orgy, just the best. Jason Hartless drums sounded like it was a can that was shoved up in your ass and they kept shooting it, firing off these valleys of grinding animal, breeding, stimulating grooves.

Michale, Tim, and Andy along with Jason’s ear for the drum tone, big, banging, noisy, just outrageous thunder drums, and then Greg Smith playing that Fender base through the rig, the Fender amps. Michael, Tim, and Andy go to such great lengths so that the right microphone in the right position at the right distance from the right speaker at the right point of the speaker. You can’t imagine the intensity and the manousha, the details that we go through so that what gets on tape sound like the band playing, and in its bandmate we all tune our instruments so they sound big, bad, mean, ferocious, and outland.”

He continued:

“Then Michael, Tim, and Andy captured those by choosing the right mics in the right locations. I don’t know if there were more bullets or more microphones. No, there were actually more bullets. I don’t know if there were more bows than microphones. There were actually more bows. I don’t know if there were more guns or more microphones. Oh, actually there were more guns. I don’t know if there were more microphones or more attitude. Oh, there was more attitude.

I’m talking about 62 years ago, I was so excited when I got a little drummer and he didn’t know how to play drums and I didn’t know how to play guitar but we found the groove and as kids, we instinctively understood the sensuality, the sexuality. We couldn’t have told you that at the time but I’m telling you now. The instinct to make those sounds and play those licks had a life of its own 62 years ago. And now 62 years later, let me try to convey adequately, the right words to express the immeasurable intensity of our attack on each song. We don’t play songs, we attack them, we sexually molest the licks but in a loving way.”

There’s no doubt that Ted Nugent is pretty thrilled and excited about his upcoming studio album, ‘Detroit Muscle’ and his fans already love the album from the portion they listened to since Nugent revealed a few of the guitar parts of the songs all of which sounded amazing and classic Ted Nugent sound. All the fans have to do now is to wait for the winter to come so that they can get the album eventually.