Ted Nugent Announces The Title And Tracklisting Of His Upcoming Album

Rock veteran Ted Nugent revealed details about his upcoming studio album during a recent Facebook Livestream and apparently, the brand new record will be named ‘Detroit Muscle and also will include a total of 10 songs and Nugent is working with his dream team as he’s recording the album.

Ted Nugent’s latest studio album was ‘The Music Made Me Do It’ which was the guitarist’s fifteenth studio album, released November 9, 2018. The album which includes 10 rhythm and blues as well as rock and roll songs also marks the first appearance of the drummer Jason Heartless.

While his fans have been waiting for him to announce albums sometime soon, Ted Nugent recently thrilled his fans by revealing that a brand new record is on its way during a live stream on his official Facebook page and will most likely be released before the winter of 2021. While Nugent looked incredibly excited about the upcoming album, it wasn’t until recently that he revealed further details about the record.

During a latest Facebook Livestream, Ted Nugent revealed that he has been recording songs for his upcoming album named ‘Detroit Muscle’ in his studio to which he referred as ‘mancave, cuckoo’s nest, sonic bombast, arsenal barn.’ Furthermore, Nugent named the musicians he has been working with in the studio, Greg Smith and Jason Heartless both of whom Nugent previously jammed with as well as other artists.

In addition to revealing the name of the record and the musicians he has been working with, Ted Nugent also released the tracklisting of the album for the first time, and just like the previous, ‘The Music Made Me Do It,’ this album also will include 10 songs with names such as ‘American Campfire,’ ‘Come And Take It,’ and ‘Born in the Motor City.’

Here is what Net Nugent revealed during the Facebook Livestream:

“I’m recording a new album right here in the mancave, cuckoo’s nest, sonic bombast, arsenal barn. Michael Lutz, Brownsville Station, and the Paddlin Brothers, Tim, and Andy who have worked on all my last records, they’re just great musical monsters. And of course, Jason Heartless, I love you buddy, Greg Smith on bass. I’m the luckiest guitar player in the world, I got the greatest, grinding, Motown, fun brother, soul brother, blood brother, cranks master rhythm section that every guitar player dreams of and I got them, Greg Smith and Jason Heartless.

The new record, Ted Nugent’s ‘Detroit Muscle.’ The song titles are, ‘Detriot Muscle,’ number two, ‘Come And Take It,’ the third song, ‘Born in the Motor City,’ the fourth song, ‘Just Leave Me Alone,’ number 5, ‘American Campfire,’ the sixth song, ‘Driving Blind,’ the number seven-song, ‘Alaska,’ I’ll play you some of these next time, the eighth song, ‘Leave the Lights on,’ number nine, ‘ Winter Spring Summer Fall,’ the tenth song, ‘Feedback Grind Fire.'”

While his fans are now more excited than ever, they are waiting to listen to a few songs from the upcoming album as Ted Nugent also promised his fans to play a portion from the tracks next time on his Facebook Live. Now that the tracklist is revealed as well as the name of the album, the only thing left for Nugent fans to know is the release date.