Dee Snider On Why He Didn’t Like Eddie Van Halen: ‘He Acted Like A D-ck To Me’

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider recently took to X to disclose why he didn’t like Eddie Van Halen.

A user on the platform responded to a video that included some musicians who had problems with Eddie by tagging Snider. The tweet is as follows:

“I saw this video this morning, and I think it is misleading. There are people who had issues with Eddie Van Halen, but I do not think Randy Rhoads nor Dee Snider were two of them, as the video suggests otherwise.”

Snider saw this post and wrote in his reply:

“That’s not completely true. The one time I met Eddie, he was drunk and acted like a bit of a d*ck to me, but I wouldn’t say I can’t stand him for that. Hey, you don’t have to like the artist to love their art.”

It Was Not Snider’s First Comments On Eddie

In 2015, the singer spoke to Ultimate Classic Rock and criticized Van Halen’s behaviors at the time. Snider took sides with Sammy Hagar in his clash with Eddie, saying:

“Sammy’s the real deal. He’s talented, and he’s a bad-a**. You know, he was a boxer before he was a singer, so he’s fearless, and he speaks his mind, and he has the success and the talent and the following to really back it up even more [than] the physical strength.”

Then, Dee slammed Eddie with the following words:

“As far as Eddie goes, anybody who is really watching and paying attention, Eddie’s out of his mind. I don’t know, has anybody seen the thing where he just showed up and started jamming with some Mexican band at a restaurant and his boots were so destroyed that his toes were hanging out and his toenails? Have you seen those pictures?”

Previously, Snider also said on X that he didn’t think Van Halen was the saver of rock and roll. The vocalist explained that there were already other bands like Aerosmith and KISS when Van Halen showed up in the music scene.

You can see his recent tweet below.