Ted Nugent On Losing Supporters After ‘Getting Attacked’ By The Media

Ted Nugent and his controversial thoughts about animal rights go hand in hand. Despite the constant backlash the singer receives, his recent words on The Nightly Nuge shouldn’t come as a surprise:

“I have promoted it [hunting] and celebrated when people started questioning me and then started attacking me for murdering innocent animals because their animal life was based on a cartoon named Bambi. Well, I saw how feeble, how soulless how, dishonest how, rude how, and irresponsible that attitude was.

Even though I was a mushy brain dirt bag that graduated from the American anti-education system and didn’t know Jack squat, my instincts told me to celebrate conservation and to push back with not just science and fact and real-world nature but with an ever-increasing squadron of middle fingers on fire so that I kept my responses to these attacks buoyant and fun.”

As an outspoken hunter, Nugent supports keeping the wildlife balance in check by celebrating hands-on conservation, even if it means losing a few followers. He added:

“I got the listeners of these radio stations that would attack me for being a hunter and carrying a gun; I got the audience to go, well, wait, Nugent makes more sense than the guy attacking them. I think I’ll support Nugent, and even though that fluxed over the years overall, I have never missed an opportunity in any public setting media globally to promote and celebrate hands-on conservation as we balance the herds and flocks in schools of fish who keep wildlife habitat in prime healthy condition.”

When it comes to his never-ending energy, the singer also related that to his way of life. He even told ‘The Regular Joe Show’ in 2021 that hunting is the reason he still rocks on stage despite his age revealing:

“I so love this hunting lifestyle. It’s really what’s kept me cocked, locked, and ready to rock the Glock around the clock, Dr. Spock. I mean, I’m healthy, and I have a lot of spirit for an old 72-year-old man, and it’s because of my hunting lifestyle.”

You can watch the episode below. You can listen to his interview with ‘The Regular Joe Show’ here.