Ted Nugent Says Animal Rights Scam Is The Most Toxic Alternative Religion

Ted Nugent recently spoke about hunting and shared his opinions about the animal rights campaigns. He said that outlets that gather to protect animals and preserve their species are a scam and compared them to ‘toxic alternative religion.’

Rock veteran Ted Nugent is known for sharing controversial opinions about sensitive topics. His recent claims about animals, not having rights got him an incredible amount of backlash from Animal Right Activists. His opinions on the matter favor killing animals and bashing veganism. In a recent conversation, he had stated that veganism causes more animal deaths because they tend to get stuck under the tractors and plowing machines in fields.

The musician also supports and campaigns for hunting animals and even owns a hunting ranch. He also encourages the American citizens to own guns but educate themselves on using the weapon. In the recent interview, he talked about the ‘benefits’ of hunting and feeding people with the kill. He stated that the Animal Right defenders are scamming and compared them to an alternative religion while calling them toxic.

He also blamed them for romanticizing animals by showing cute cartoon representations which makes it harder for a person to consume the animal. According to Nugent, this is lying and scamming because hunting is basically recycling. He ended his criticism by stating that he donated an Antelope for the soup kitchens for the homeless.

Here is what Nugent stated about the activists:

“What is the most toxic alternative religion than the animal rights scam? It’s a scam that somehow they need to save Bambi like Wildlife is a cartoon character. So I’ve been in this culture, where I battle against those liars, and those scammers all my life because hunting, fishing, trapping is pure reverence for these renewable resources that feed us. I’ve just donated another antelope to the soup kitchens and homeless shelters of Texas where this sacred protein is cherished and needed and appreciated.”

His fans stood by his side and agreed to his points while appreciating Ted as a man of nature and wilderness. Even though he receives backlash most of the time, he still has his supporters by his side. The guitarist is quite confident that he will never be canceled because he and his wife are doing a lot of charity work for society.