Ted Nugent Says Vegans Are Responsible For The Most Animal Deaths


Ted Nugent appeared as a guest on the KLPX radio station and added another one to his controversial statements. Nugent said that being vegan doesn’t reduce animal deaths, but it actually leads to the opposite.

Besides a successful music career, Ted Nugent has also made a name as an outspoken activist in recent years. He voices his conservative political views, and he is known to be a supporter of hunting and gun ownership rights. Nugent is a strong promoter of the Republican Party, and he always showed his support for Donald Trump in the previous election.

Ted Nugent’s previous statements on animal rights had received an inevitable backlash from animal rights activists. Nugent had said that he doesn’t think animals have rights, and he had even received death threats upon this statement. He is also very keen on hunting and owns a hunting ranch, which he keeps running despite the criticisms of the anti-hunters.

In his interview with KLPX, Ted Nugent again made some controversial statements regarding veganism and animal deaths. Nugent targeted the vegans and explained that the vegans should be held responsible for the majority of animal deaths. He stated that many animals are killed to produce vegan food. According to him, veganism is okay, but people shouldn’t assume that fewer animals due to veganism.

Here are Ted Nugent’s opinions on animal deaths:

“If you want to be responsible for the most death possible, become a vegan because behind that tractor and that plow in that disk unless you hide any deny it is crows and seagulls following that tractor, growing your tofu because the plow and the disk dismember and mutilate everything in those gazillion acres.

Every squirrel, every ground-nesting gopher, every ground-nesting bird, every snake, every turtle, every animal in that field that’s turned into tofu is slaughtered by the gazillions, and though, I never forget this guy said ‘We are going to a vineyard to protest hunting.’

I said ‘Wait for a second, do you know the vineyard operator? Because I do, I know what the vineyard operator does to protect those grapes.’ He kills everything, everything that sneaks in, everything that walks in, everything that flies in. The vineyard operator to grow your wine, to protest hunting, kills everything that threatens those grapes yet jerk.”

The rocker added:

“So all my sons are vegan, my buddy Michael Lutz, the Brownsville Station, my co-producer, he is a vegan for health considerations and digestive considerations. That’s perfectly legitimate, I’m not knocking veganism but don’t think for a minute that there is a reduction in animal deaths because you have a tofu salad.

Just the opposite takes place and denial is such a convenient lie so all you vegans just keep eating your vegan salad because I love when you dismember all those animals, and the crows and the seagulls pick up on them as they’re writhing in horror and being tortured so you could have a nice blood-free salad.

Further in the interview, the musician said the following about hunting:

“When people started threatening my life because I hunt, my brain didn’t know what to do with this information. It’s so stupid, it’s so nasty. I mean where does this hate come from as if the person that hates me for hunting is not responsible for any deaths. How stupid do you have to be, of course, they’re all stoned and they’re all comfortably numb, which is actually uncomfortably dumb.”

You can watch the full interview below.