Ted Nugent Doesn’t Believe He Is Damaged By The Cancel Culture

Ted Nugent shared a clip from an interview on his Ted Nugent Spirit Of The Wild Facebook page. In the interview, he revealed his thoughts on cancel culture and argued he hasn’t been damaged by it.

As most of you know, Ted Nugent is more recognized for his controversial opinions rather than his musical efforts. He advocates hunting and gun ownership rights, he is an anti-vaxxer and has conservative political views. On top of that, Nugent also does not hesitate to talk about his opinions straightforwardly.

Ted Nugent has many supporters by his side, but many people are also opposed to his views. Although this often provokes cancel culture, Nugent seems to think that this does not affect him. On his Facebook page Ted Nugent Spirit Of The Wild, the musician posted a clip from a previous interview by The SDRShow.

In the interview, he discussed how he has been affected by cancel culture this subject. According to the musician, he and his wife Shemane have a lot of friends since they do a lot of charity work. Nugent said that this is also the reason many people approach him on the street to thank him.

Following that, Uncle Ted said he positively influenced many. He then stated those people who come by and say thanks to him are of every color and ethnicity. Moreover, the musician also argued that they support him for giving voice to their beliefs as well as for his music.

Ted Nugent said in the video of the interview on his Facebook page that:

“My wife and I, we’re active. We have lots of friends. I do a lot of charity work, so I’m surrounded by the greatest people in the world. We do something all the time for the military, law enforcement, children’s, and conservation charities.

The point is, I’m approached on the street by everybody from pre-teens to guys older than me. It’s about 50 50 that they bring up music or thanks for standing up for my second amendment, for promoting conservation. Some of them say, ‘My kid was impacted by your clean and sober message.’

So, how could I not be confident when just nice people of every color, every ethnicity, every walk of life, every stratum thank me for expressing what they believe? That’s a nice couple there with a nice little kid, and they’re thanking me because they saw me or heard me somewhere promoting the things that they believe in, in defiance of political correctness and the cancel culture.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.