Ted Nugent Slams The People Who Criticize Him For Killing Animals

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, but most importantly, activist Ted Nugent recently spoke about people criticizing him for hunting deer throughout the year. He called people who judged him for his hunting ‘idiots’ and defended his choices.

Ted Nugent has worked with many acclaimed names throughout his musical career, including Sebastian Bach and Derek St. Holmes. However, in recent years, he became known more for his controversial comments on American society and government. As a solid right-wing supporter, he doesn’t refrain from sharing what he thinks is wrong with his country.

He recently shook the media with his comments about gun ownership. Nugent thinks that the laws against gun ownership shouldn’t be strict, but the owners should be adequately trained. One of the main reasons for that is because he is a massive supporter of hunting and does it himself. Nugent hunts deer as a hobby and donates the meat to soup kitchens and homeless shelters that support the less fortunate and homeless.

The rocker has been getting a lot of negative feedback from people about how cruel it is to support hunting regardless of the reason. The guitarist recently fired back at these people by calling them idiots for judging him on feeding those in need. He also challenged them by saying that those who criticize him don’t do anything for the poor as they have nothing to give them.

Here is Nugent’s defense:

“Yeah, I like to kill deer. I kill a lot of deer. I gotta kill a lot of deer. I barely killed enough deer this year. I think I killed 79 whitetails with my bow and 138 big game animals with my bow and arrow. Back straps for the masses. All I want out of everybody is, ‘Thank you uncle Ted for reducing the car collisions and the destruction of agriculture, habitat, and the increase of disease.’

Because I harvest the surplus, and I do it quite efficiently for hundreds of days a year. I donate the sacred, pure, organic, nutritious, delicious venison to soup kitchens and homeless shelters. And they cherish the donation of uncle Ted’s venison.”

He continued by saying:

“Now let’s examine that from the other side, shall we? There are idiots out there, ‘He’s a coward, killing all those innocent animals.’ Killing deer with a bow and arrow doesn’t take courage. It doesn’t. I’m not brave for killing deer with a bow and arrow. It doesn’t take courage. Bravery plays no role. You got to be sneaky, strategize and dedicate yourself to be accurate and deadly for an effective, conscientious, clean kill.

And I do so often because I set up the ambushes, so I’m in the best place and the best time. I get skunked a lot, but I also kill a lot of games. Those that are against me killing a lot of deer, I guess they’re against me donating venison to soup kitchens and homeless shelters because they donate a lot of nothing.

That coalesces the whole mental deficiency, the derangement of anti-hunting. I literally bring critical protein to charities with the venison I donate, and there are people that would tell me to stop donating protein to homeless shelters while they donate nothing.”

You can watch his full live video below.