Ted Nugent Says Hunting Helped Him To Still Rock At 72

Ted Nugent recently joined an interview with The Regular Joe Show in which he claimed that his hunting lifestyle was the main thing that kept him ready to rock at 72 years of age.

Even though he is a great musician, Ted Nugent is mostly at the forefront with his controversial opinions about politics and society. As an outspoken person, he does not hesitate to reveal his views on much-debated topics like gun ownership and hunting. Moreover, the musician even declares himself as an opponent of animal rights.

Nugent is a hunting enthusiast who has his own outdoor television show named ‘Spirit Of The Wild.’ Throughout the show, he conducts various wild game hunts using his bow and gives advice to his viewers about hunting. Moreover, the musician even owns a 340-acre hunting ranch, and he is among the very few to defend the killing of Cecil the lion.

In an interview by The Regular Joe Show, Ted Nugent claimed that hunting is the main thing that helped him to rock despite his age. He said that he loves the hunting lifestyle, and he is healthy and full of spirit for a 72-year-old man due to that. Following that, Nugent stated that nature’s healing power is powerful for the ones who look at the spirit of the wild for cleansing their souls.

Ted Nugent told The Regular Joe Show that:

“I so love this hunting lifestyle. It’s really what’s kept me cocked, locked, and ready to rock the Glock around the clock, Dr. Spock. I mean, I’m healthy and I have a lot of spirit for an old 72-year-old man, and it’s because of my hunting lifestyle.

The healing powers of nature are unique and universally powerful for all of us who get beyond the pavement and look at the spirit of the wild to cleanse our souls.”

Although Nugent claims that the hunting lifestyle has positive effects on him, it also brought him some legal trouble. Back in April 2012, he pleaded guilty to illegally killing and transporting an American black bear in Alaska. The musician was then sentenced to two years of probation and a fine of $10,000. Moreover, he also receives huge backlash from people around the world due to his violation of animal rights.