Tom DeLonge And Matty Healy Kissing Each Other Goes Viral, Sparking Fan Controversy

Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge recently received a kiss from Matty Healy of The 1975.

During The 1975’s set in Lollapalooza, Healy was singing ‘Robbers’ from their 2013 debut when he spied DeLonge in the photo pit. The singer pointed at DeLonge and hopped off the stage to hug one of his musical heroes. Healy told DeLonge how much he loved him, kissed him, and went back on stage to say to their fans the following:

“The person who inspired me to talk about my d*ck as much as I do, and I thank him for that forever.”

The Blink-182 frontman later shared the moment on his Instagram account with the following description:

“The 1975 blew me away at Lollapalooza…. Great fucking band. Matt Healy even gave me a quick kiss as a first time hello.”

The same day, he shared another post, including a close-up photo of the kissing moment, and said in the description:

“I guess myself ‘and’ The 1975 won’t be going to Malaysia – just a couple dudes kissing during their phenomenal set at Lollapalooza.”

The moment received both positive feedback and criticism. While some fans even offered for the two bands to collab, a few thought it was problematic, disrespectful, and such.

A similar incident happened in Malaysia. During their performance, Healy expressed his criticism towards the stance of the Malaysian government on LGBTQ+ rights. He also stated that the band’s decision to perform in the country was a mistake. After the statement, he went on to kiss his bandmate Ross MacDonald on stage. The band’s performance was cut short after officials ordered them off the stage.

See a few of the comments, and the moment shared by a fan down below.


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