Stevie Nicks On Lindsey Buckingham’s Role In Fleetwood Mac

Throughout the history of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham have had a complicated relationship. Despite their turbulent relationship and creative differences, the pair still managed to collaborate and pursue a successful career. While recently chatting with Apple Music, Nicks discussed her relationship with her former bandmate and disclosed Buckingham’s part within the band.

The lead guitarist was fired from Fleetwood Mac in 2018. It was said at the time that Stevie had given an ultimatum to the band as she wanted Buckingham to leave. Their complex relationship had fueled the successful career of the cult band since it had encouraged the creation of many hit songs, but in the end, Lindsey departed and pursued a solo journey.

When Nicks was asked about Fleetwood Mac members’ varying backgrounds as musicians, the singer discussed Lindsey Buckingham’s past influences and his distinctive role in the band. For Stevie, her former bandmate reflected the ‘rock and roll‘ spirit of Fleetwood Mac. She explained that Lindsey’s brother had bought the guitarist ‘rockabilly’ albums when he was young, which had impacted his future career.

The guitarist’s early acquaintance with rock impacted his songwriting, strengthening his role in Fleetwood Mac. Nicks expressed that Lindsey enjoyed the music of the ’50s very much. One of the guitarist’s influencers was The Kingston Trio, which could be traced in his sound. The frontwoman explained that Lindsey had many musical influences, which she lacked.

The frontwoman remarked the following about Lindsey Buckingham’s role and musical background:

“Lindsey’s our rock and roll, I don’t want to say country really, but say rockabilly writer, because his brother brought him all these rockabilly records when he was really little kid. He was just entranced, I think, in all of the 1950s music. That’s where he came up through, and then he’s flipped over to The Kingston Trio. He had a whole bunch of influences that I really didn’t have.”

Every Fleetwood Mac member brought something unique to the table. This variety can be considered one reason the band had such a successful career. Lindsey Buckingham helped define the band’s rockabilly-infused ‘rock and roll’ spirit, and Stevie Nicks seems determined that they couldn’t have done it without him.