Ronnie Romero Admits Struggling During Ritchie Blackmore Collaboration

We, as the audience, can imagine Ronnie Romero happily rocking on stage, usually followed by great applause, but as he candidly revealed, not everything was as rosy as we assumed. In fact, he came to the point where he considered committing suicide, especially because of the comments he received from social media. The singer recently sat down with Blabbermouth for an interview and talked about his time with Rainbow and Ritchie Blackmore.

“I did in the past,” Romero replied when asked whether he took the social media comments during his collaboration with Rainbow seriously. “It was really bad for me. Honestly, you have a guy, a South American guy, who moved to Europe to have a chance in life. Not even in music, but to have a chance to do better.”

The vocalist continued, “Suddenly, you are in the spotlight, and you have a lot of people talking about you in a good way but also in a bad way. I was paying a lot of attention. It gave me a lot of stress and frustration. It was a moment in my life, also in my personal life, when I got divorced almost three years ago. It was really hard for me.”

“This is the first time I’m going to say it: I intended to commit suicide two times,” he revealed, remembering the tough times he went through. Romero also noted, “It was really hard times. I was paying too much attention to what people were talking about me. From that point, I needed to release a little bit on social media. I tried to do my best. People are going to criticize me anyway.”

The singer added, “The times we live in, everybody thinks they are entitled to say whatever they want. I’m pretty much okay with criticism of my career, vocals, and talent. It’s okay for me if you say, ‘I don’t like this album. I don’t like your songs. I don’t like how you sing. You are not a good singer.’ That’s okay. It’s part of the game when you are in the music business. But when people go on the personal side, it’s not cool. I tell you, it was really hard for me to manage.”

After a while, he was able to learn how to ignore social media. Romero said, “I had my wife with me at that moment, and she was helping me a lot. And a couple of friends. It was because of them. Otherwise, you will be talking about the anniversary of my passing away [Laughs].”

He lastly stated, “I’m just enjoying it now. If you go to my socials, everything is about fun. It’s about my dogs, my [new] wife, my free time, and music with my friends. I’m trying to enjoy [life] and do what I like. If the people like it, that’s pretty cool. If people don’t like it, I’m still okay with it.”

Starting from the late 1990s, Rainbow went through a period of inactivity for several years until it was reformed in 2015 by Ritchie Blackmore, with Ronnie Romero joining as the lead vocalist. Some fans and critics were skeptical of a new vocalist joining a band with such a rich history and a dedicated fanbase. While it’s normal to expect some level of criticism, the comments on social media can sometimes cross the line, causing serious harm to those targeted, as it did in the case of Romero.