Joni Mitchell Admits She Used Online Videos To Relearn How To Play The Guitar


Joni Mitchell joined an interview with CBS Mornings and shared her experiences with a life-threatening health issue by revealing some details. The famous musician said she had to relearn many things, such as playing guitar, and explained how she did that.

Unfortunately, Mitchell suffered from a brain aneurysm rupture in 2015, which made her friends, fans,  and colleagues sad and worried about her health and future in the music industry, considering its seriousness. The Grammy award winner singer began physical therapy and daily rehabilitation because she couldn’t speak or walk and had to learn these basic skills again due to cerebrovascular disorder.

Therefore, Joni Mitchell had to give a break from her live performances until she got better, and nine years later, Mitchell appeared at Newport Folk Festival, which took place between July 22 and 24. She joined singer and producer Brandi Carlile, who had previously covered some of her iconic works, and Mitchell performed ‘Carey,’ ‘Both Sides Now,’ ‘A Case of You,’ ‘Circle Game,’ and ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ during the set.

Moreover, in her conversation shortly after her surprise appearance at the event, Mitchell reflected on her feelings about the health conditions. The artist unveiled that she was in the process of relearning how to play the guitar through the videos on the internet because of the brain aneurysm that made her turn to infancy. For her fans, it’s great to hear that Mitchell never stopped playing without losing her passion, no matter what happened.

Here’s what Mitchell said about educating herself all over again:

“I’m learning. I’m looking at videos on the net to see where to put my fingers. It’s amazing. When you have an aneurysm, you don’t know how to get into a chair. You don’t know how to get out of bed. You have to learn all these things again. You’re going back to infancy, almost.”

You can check out the interview below.