Wolfgang Van Halen Explains The Rare Habit Of Van Halen As He Looks Back To His First Performance With The Band


Eddie Van Halen’s son and bass guitarist of the band, Wolfgang Van Halen, spoke in a recent interview with HardDrive Radio and talked about the time when he first went on stage with Van Halen.

In the conversation, the interviewer asked Wolfgang what he felt in the last moment before he started to play in front of the audience and wondered if he had any fear about going to the stage.

Even though most people could be frightened about their first stage experience, Wolfgang stated that he didn’t really afraid of playing badly or failing during the show and revealed the reason.

According to Wolfgang, they had been rehearsing so much that he didn’t have a reason to be afraid. Although he wasn’t afraid of playing in front of the audience, Wolf admitted that he was pretty excited about it.

Interviewer asked:

“So, what are the last few moments before you go on stage? Because if it were me, I’d probably be thinking, pardon my French, ‘Please, god in heaven, please don’t let me fuck this up!’”

Here is what Wolfgang Van Halen said:

“We’ve been so rehearsed by that point that it wasn’t really a worry about that. It was just the excitement and nervousness of the moment. I’ve always heard that when it came to Van Halen, just from all the tour people we worked with, that we were always one of the most on-time bands.

Come at 8 o’clock, or 8:30, whenever it was the showtime – we were never a minute late, we were always on time. And apparently, that’s rare, I guess, and I didn’t really know that.

But yeah, it usually was just you walk up to the stage, and the four of us hang out back there for about five minutes, then we hop on, and there you go.”

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