The Truth Behind Lindsey Buckingham’s Lawsuit Against Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac parted ways with their long-time singer Lindsey Buckingham in 2018. Buckingham was there throughout the band’s success and was one of the most fundamental members of Fleetwood Mac. He joined in 1975 with Stevie Nicks, with whom he had a turbulent romantic relationship. The couple stayed together in the beginning when they joined the band but then decided to break up.

They were both as crucial for the band, so they continued to perform together and tolerate each other as much as possible. Buckingham was a part of Fleetwood Mac from 1975 to 1987, and again, from 1997 to 2018, until Stevie Nicks gave the band an ultimatum that either he goes or she quits. The band didn’t hesitate much to let Buckingham go, and after he was fired, he filed a lawsuit against the band he called ‘family.’

What Did Buckingham Say About Being Fired?

Even before his termination, Buckingham disagreed with the band due to the nature of their tour, and as time went on, more and more disagreements had emerged. After Nicks’ ultimatum, Buckingham left, and he filed a lawsuit for breach of oral contract and causing him economic damage as he was let go without warning.

Even though there wasn’t a written contract between the band members about loyalty, there was an oral one. According to the musician, firing him had breached that contract. While he thought the band was a family together and their actions didn’t make sense, he demanded $12-14 million he would have made from their tour if he hadn’t been fired.

He talked about the lawsuit many times throughout the years and mainly stated his disappointment with the band and how he would stand behind his rights. He has revealed that he is only looking for closure and is still proud of everything they have accomplished as a band together.

Here is what he told Rolling Stone in 2018:

“Last January, Fleetwood Mac made the decision to continue to tour without me. I remain deeply surprised and saddened, as this decision ends the beautiful 43-year legacy we built together. Over the last eight months, our many efforts to come to an agreement have unfortunately proved elusive. I’m looking forward to closure and will always remain proud of all that we created and what that legacy represents.”

During another 2018 interview, Lindsey Buckingham once again reflected on the issue within the band. Apparently, the musician couldn’t wrap his head around this situation since he considered Fleetwood Mac a family and a sacred unity. However, he was put into a position where one of his bandmates and former partners forced him to leave the band.

Here is what Buckingham told about Stevie Nicks to CBS:

“Irving told me a couple of days later that she’d given the band an ultimatum, and either I had to go or she was going to go. He was screaming at me on the phone, saying, ‘You’ve really done it this time.’ And I had no idea what he was talking about. He said, ‘Stevie never wants to be on stage with you ever again.’ And I’m going, why? It appeared to me that she was looking for something to hang on me in order to instigate some kind of a coup. None of it makes sense to me. Fleetwood Mac, the five of us together, in my mind, is a very sacred thing.”

Buckingham and the band settled the lawsuit quietly in the same year, and Buckingham ventured off to develop his solo career. After everything that happened, it seems unlikely that the musician will ever reunite with the band.