Slipknot Drops New Album Plans, Prepares For Something Completely Special

Slipknot has no rush for a new album.

The band confirmed rumors about a new song titled ‘Long May You Die’ being recorded. This song will be Slipknot’s first new music since announcing Eloy Casagrande as their new drummer. Casagrande mentioned writing with the band, but details about the new songs are still unclear. He told Veja São Paulo:

“We’ve written a few things, and they’re shelved for the time being. For the time being, I don’t think there’s any pressure to record new material. But I’m sure they want to, I don’t know when because right now the band is focussed on celebrating its 25th anniversary.”

The band acknowledged fans discussing it on X but didn’t confirm its release date. They wrote:

“Slipknot fans are talking amongst themselves about ‘Long May You Die’ being a new song written during the recent recording sessions. You’re right. You’re absolutely right.”

Casagrande Sent Some Demos To Jim Root

Earlier this month, Slipknot guitarist Jim Root also discussed with Tone-Talk about the possibility of the band working on new songs and if Casagrande is involved in the process:

“Eloy has sent me some drum loops. He e-mailed me some… Eloy does a lot of drum videos on his own and play-alongs in his home studio and stuff like that. So he sent me five or six minute — from a minute long to one that’s a couple minutes long of just him playing drums. And I downloaded those on to my computer and I converted them into files that I could import into Pro Tools.”

Root tried to work with Casagrande’s drum parts by writing riffs to accompany them. However, it was challenging because Casagrande sent long drum solos. He added:

“‘Cause the particular ones that he sent me, it’s, like, a lot of real stunt drumming and really busy stuff. And I wrote riffs to most all of it. And there’s one in particular that I’m thinking about that if it does turn into a song, it’s gonna be an awfully chaotic song, which could be really cool. So, yes and no, he’s contributing, but we haven’t really gotten there yet. We’re trying to get these shows under our belt first and then it’s time to put our nose to the grindstone and start the creative writing process.”

To celebrate their 25th anniversary since their debut album, Slipknot will tour North, Central, and South America, along with the UK and Europe later this year. They have scheduled gigs from August until the end of December.