Sammy Hagar Recalls How Steve Perry Ended Up Singing All The Background Vocals In ‘Danger Zone’


Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar posted a never seen cover picture of himself from his fifth solo studio album, ‘Danger Zone,’ on his official Instagram account and shared the story of how former Journey lead singer Steve Perry became the back vocalist of his album.

Sammy Hagar has also known for his solo career in addition to his career in Van Halen. He released his fifth solo studio album entitled ‘Danger Zone’ on June 21, 1980. The album was appreciated a lot by both his fans and music critics which consisted of Hagar’s most popular tracks such as ‘Love Or Money,’ ‘The Iceman,’ and ‘Heartbeat.’

Sammy Hagar was on the vocals of the album while Bill Church was on the bass guitar, Gary Pihl was on the guitar, Chuck Ruff was on the drums, Geoff Workman was also on the keyboard who was also the producer. Journey’s lead singer Steve Perry and guitarist Neal Schon were the special guest stars of ‘Danger Zone.’ Perry sang the back vocals of almost all the songs in the album.

In his recent Instagram post, Sammy Hagar revealed the story of how Steve Perry became the back vocalist of ‘Love Or Money,’ ‘The Iceman,’ ‘Heartbeat,’ and ‘Run For Your Life.’ Apparently, then-members of Journey, Perry and Schon were there while Hagar was recording the album and he invited them to play and sing for the songs of his album. Sammy also asked Geoff Workman to be the producer of ‘Danger Zone’ since his initial producer, Tommy Scholz, had to go back to his work with Boston.

Here’s what Hagar wrote in his IG post:

“Today marks 41 years of ‘Danger Zone!’

Here’s the story: Tommy Scholz from Boston was going to produce ‘Danger Zone.’ He came to Sausalito for preproduction, went through all the rehearsals helping with arrangements. The first day in the studio he got served papers from his record company that he was late with Boston too and they made him stop working with me until he finished his on record. Geoff Workman had just finished the Journey record ‘Departure’ at Wally Heider studios in the city.

I snatched him up as my co-producer and engineer and we made the record. Neal Schon and Steve Perry were hanging around ended up playing and singing lots of songs. You can hear Steve Perry’s voice all over ‘Love Or Money,’ ‘Heartbeat,’ ‘The Iceman’ and Neal Schon took a blazing guitar solo on ‘Love or Money.’ It was great singing with a singer like Steve Perry doing all the background vocals this record still sounds good to me today.

Check out this outtake from the album cover shoot by Bob Buell — never seen before!

You can check out the photo below.

Photo Credit: Sammy Hagar – Instagram