Brian May On Expecting Adam Lambert To Mimic Freddie Mercury

In a candid interview with People, Queen’s legendary guitarist Brian May discussed the band’s experience with Adam Lambert filling the shoes of the late Freddie Mercury. May shared insights into how Lambert became part of Queen and his unique approach to the frontman’s role, which has resonated with both the band and their fans. With the North American Rhapsody Tour on the horizon, May reflected on Lambert’s distinct voice and how it has breathed new life into Queen’s iconic hits.

Queen rockers Brian May and Roger Taylor, together with Adam Lambert, are gearing up for their first North American tour in four years. The Rhapsody Tour, announced recently, will start in Baltimore in October and conclude in Los Angeles in November after 14 spectacular shows. While fans eagerly anticipate the trio’s return to the stage, where they will undoubtedly captivate audiences once again, the band’s guitarist talked about the upcoming shows and Queen’s performances with Lambert in the recent interview.

May delved into the fascinating story of how Adam Lambert joined Queen following the tragic loss of Freddie Mercury in 1991. Initially, May and Taylor thought Queen would disband, but after a brief collaboration with Bad Company’s Paul Rodgers, they crossed paths with Lambert during his time on American Idol in 2009. This fateful meeting marked the beginning of a new era for Queen.

Brian May expressed his admiration for Lambert, emphasizing his one-of-a-kind voice and how he brings his own flair to the role without trying to imitate Freddie Mercury. Lambert honors the late singer’s memory while putting his unique spin on the songs, an approach that May appreciated. The guitarist described the band as a cohesive unit, continually discussing and refining their performances.

In the interview, May said:

“He just appeared. The voice is extraordinary. There is no other voice in the universe like his voice. Plus, he has all the other stuff. I mean, look at the guy. He’s born to wear diamonds.

He doesn’t try to be Freddie, which is wonderful. He always pays tribute to Freddie, which we love. We all do. Freddie’s with us, but Adam interprets he finds new ways to go, and we are very much a team now. We discuss everything, we build, we rebuild, and it’s fun.”

The admiration and respect Brian May expressed for Adam Lambert as a vocalist and performer spoke volumes. Lambert’s distinct style, paired with his ability to pay tribute to Freddie Mercury without attempting to mimic him, has enabled Queen to continue their musical legacy while evolving their sound. Fans can eagerly anticipate experiencing this fresh take on classic Queen songs during the upcoming North American Rhapsody Tour.