Ted Nugent Accuses Joe Biden Supporters Of Being An Enemy Of Freedom

Conservative rock musician Ted Nugent has accused the supporters of Joe Biden of being plain rotten beings, as well as the enemy of freedom during ‘The Wild Initiative’ podcast and shared his thoughts on Biden.

As you may know, Ted Nugent is a guitarist, songwriter, singer, and right-wing political activist who has a successful solo career with his own way of playing his Gibson, and his live shows full of action. He is yet at the forefront with his strong political opinions and his thoughts on gun ownership, huntsmanship, and anti-vaccination.

The rock veteran was at the center of negative views when he promoted gun ownership against mass shootings, and although being cornered up by the coronavirus and with his words, ‘thought he was dying,’ he still downplays the virus and believes the pandemic is not real, resisting to be vaccinated.

Nugent is an ardent supporter of the Republican Party and former president Trump to the extent of naming his album after being called ‘Handsome devil’ by Trump and is known for his despise for Joe Biden with most of his statements.

Ted has been showing his strong disagreement with Biden in every possible way. As a gun-ownership advocate, he had slammed Biden for his plans for stricter gun laws before and claimed that he was hearing people all over the world saying ‘what the hell are you guys letting happen to America.’

According to one of his Facebook streams, he is also seeing Biden as ‘the worst human possible to represent America’ who can’t even form a sentence, while believing last year’s election was a fraud. In another one of his Facebook posts, he even wrote a letter to Joe Biden and blamed him for criminal dishonesty.

In a recent episode of the podcast made by ‘The Wild Initiative,’ Nugent shared his opinions on Biden’s presidency, gun laws, and the election. He claimed that the election was rigged, hundreds of dead people’s votes had been counted, and the machines were altered to give Trump’s votes to Biden. He also claimed that Trump wanted to protect America’s interests by renegotiating global contracts for the first time but Biden reversed them to hurt America.

Here is what Nugent said to Samuel Aynes in the podcast:

“You say that some of the liberals have good intentions. I haven’t met one. And I meet an awful lot of people. Because if you are on the side of Joe Biden, you’re just plain a rotten human being. You support a man with a liberal agenda that renegotiated all the contracts with the globe that Trump finally negotiated on behalf of our country.

That’s not my hunch; that’s not a guess; that’s not an opinion. Trump renegotiated global contracts for the first time in my lifetime to actually benefit America, and Joe Biden reversed them to hurt America. So if you’re a liberal and a Democrat, you’re the enemy of freedom. And if you don’t believe in those ugly, ugly policies, then you have to quit.”

Ted also stated:

“If you don’t agree with forcing Americans to get vaccination passports, but people are flooding in through the borders without any vetting whatsoever, then you have no soul, and you can’t be on that team. If you disagree with these toxic, dangerous, tyrannical policies, you’ve gotta quit that gang.

That gang is the Democrats. Their agenda is extreme liberal Marxism. And if you’re part of that team, you’re as rotten as that man who’s searching for a syllable in the White House.”

You can watch the entire podcast below.