Lindsey Buckingham Reflects On Stevie Nicks’ Role In His Dismissal From Fleetwood Mac


Former Fleetwood Mac lead guitarist Lindsey Buckingham joined an interview with Louder Sound and talked about his latest solo album along with his ex-girlfriend and bandmate Stevie Nicks. He mentioned the tensions between him and Nicks which eventually caused his departure from the band.

Lindsey Buckingham started to draw attention when he founded a musical duo with her then-girlfriend Stevie Nicks. The duo only released one studio album entitled ‘Buckingham Nicks’ on September 5, 1973, and then they decided to join Fleetwood Mac. Even though the band went through hard times because of the Nicks-Buckingham-Fleetwood love triangle, they managed to stay together and worked on their music.

Especially after their reunion in 1997, Fleetwood Mac members have been producing and performing together until the problems between Nicks and Buckingham arise again. In 2018, the band announced that they parted ways with their longtime guitarist Buckingham because of disagreement on their touring schedule and his willingness to focus on his solo career. Then, the guitarist filed a lawsuit against the band and they reached a settlement shortly after.

However, Buckingham revealed that he was fired from the band after Stevie Nicks gave an ultimatum to Fleetwood Mac to choose her or the guitarist. The main reason behind that was Buckingham’s behavior toward the singer which she found disrespectful so the guitarist learned that his ex-partner would never share the stage with him after he called their manager Irving Azoff. He wanted to draw attention to Nicks’ overreaction and the other band members’ not seeing it as a crisis in his interview while talking about his departure from the band.

Buckingham stated in his interview that:

“Only indirectly. When Christine and I got off the road after touring the duet album, I had wanted to put out this current album almost immediately. There had been a Fleetwood Mac tour that had been scheduled for 2019, and I asked the band to kick that tour down the road a bit so I’d have an extra three months to do some dates behind my solo album. But certain members of the band were not willing to do that, one in particular.

That led to a sort of tension between us that we took into a MusicCares event that we did in New York, which was the actual evening that became the catalyst for us parting ways. That was again Stevie taking issue with some things that I said or did, apparently.

I think it was just sort of a pretense for her, at that point. But who knows? Certainly, no one else in the band is on the same page in terms of that. But she gave the band an ultimatum. The irony of all that is for all of the things that we went through for those forty-three years, I mean, c’mon, this was nothing, really.”

In addition, Lindsey Buckingham decided to focus on his solo career following his dismissal from Fleetwood Mac and released his seventh self-titled solo studio album on September 17, 2021, which he wanted a few months from the band and reschedule their tour to work on it.