Joe Bonamassa Says Someone Threatened To Burn His House Down


Famous blues-rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa was interviewed by Louder Sound to talk about some important details from his personal life. The guitarist revealed that some people threatened to set his house on fire through their social media accounts and he explained what he did to get rid of the threat.

After social media platforms became more and more popular over the years, most of the actors, musicians, and artists opened their own official accounts instead of working with public relations agencies. The celebrities started to share their thoughts, feelings, and projects on their social media accounts and they didn’t have to wait for concerts or other private events to interract with their dedicated fans and learn more about their opinions.

Thus, the platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become a great chance for people who wanted to communicate with their idols through their posts. However, the celebrities are not only reachable for their fans but also for their stalkers and haters, especially since their addresses or the places they went started to be easily found via social media. They sometime needs to take extreme precautions such as increasing the security or moving out with many more.

As one of the musicians who were targeted by haters, Joe Bonamassa unveiled that he had to delete his Instagram account because of the social media users who threatened to burn his house down. Apparently, things got serious when these haters were able to find out about his home address which made Bonamassa to stop sharing anything about his personal life. He added that he won’t return to Instagram even though the social media platform told him he should since he has a blue checkmark.

Bonamassa stated in his interview that:

“I deleted my Instagram account when they threatened to burn my house down. Instagram goes, ‘You’ve got to get it back because you have a blue checkmark,’ and I go, ‘Listen, I don’t care if I have a f’cking red checkmark, the checkmark’s not the boss of me, these people threatened to burn my house down and they had the address kinda right.”

It seems that Joe Bonamassa won’t open a new Instagram account for a while after what he went through due to some toxic social media users. His fans shared their comments about his decision saying that they got sad about it but they understood the guitarist’s concerns.